i'm alive lmao

okay wow i've been gone for a while. the semester has been super crazy and stressful and i hate chemistry with a burning passion. however!! after this upcoming monday, my semester will be over and i'll have off until the beginning of january. which meANS that i can finish up some of my stories that have been on pause since august.

also, i do have a twitter. i write xiuchen aus, it's pretty poppin over there. if you want it just click THIS and you'll be directed. i posted over there pretty regularly so if that's something you're interested in... 

one thing i've learned from twitter aus is that i shouldn't start multiple stories at once until i'm at least finished. so, that being said, i'm going to draft some fics until the ones i'm currently working on are finished. then i'll republish them. i just feel bad always starting new fics and never finishing them.

anyway, here's the list (in order) of stories that i plan on finishing once i come back monday~

  • In a World of Madness; It's just Me & You
  • Suicide Squad
  • The Three Hybrids One-Shots
  • Deserve Sequel 

That's it for now. The others I'll work on once I get the muse for them. See you then~~

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