ʀᴀɴᴛ #4

okay es this one pissed me off. i'm sorry for the swearing but i warn you that there's gonna be more down there.

so there's this , lets just call her the nun k. she had the ing audacity to text my boyfriend to break up with me and go to her. is u fine? and this morning she texted him for god knows what but i'm disgusted, like really. you see, me and her never spoke before, we're practically not friends (but friends on facebook hah finna unfriend her later).

she had a crush on him since her seventh grade while he was in eighth. last year there was a rumour about them having a relationship but it wasn't true, as what my man told me. (we weren't together at that time).

she's rude, like very rude. she never thinks before saying whatever she wants, she just spit it out. i swear to god she's even rude to her parents.. but i'm not gonna judge like hella judge because iono her background.

so nachos, please, i don't mind you having a crush on my man, but hitting up on him like what the nun did is way out of the line. seriously. i could literally push her off the cliff and watch her get eaten by the sharks, but i don't think the sharks would want to eat her pathetic . gee.


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