NAME  han danbi 
 HERE  here
BDAY + AGE  9/21 (18)
LANGUAGES  strictly only korean, with a few english volleyball phrases she had to learn. 
FACECLAIM  gowon, loona
BACKUP  heejin of loona, yeri of rv
APPEARANCE  looks and fashion go here! since they're high school students, a majority of them will be in their uniform (unless they met jaemin somewhere else!) uhm idk just describe anything different from your face claim.... height & weight go here (i almost wrote width lOL)
PERSONALITY  you guys can format this however you want but give me at least three personality traits
RELATIONSHIPS  idk, just relevant people in your immediate group of friends please
WHERE DID YOU MEET JAEMIN NA?  please explain "how" too like if you met him at school, were you desk mates or from a specfic class together? if you met him outside of school, was it at the cafe he always studies at or at an 8th grade biology camp with a couple of people or!!! how old were you guys when you guys met? 15? 16? 12?! !? ? u got the juice so gimme it
WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO THE LETTER?  imagine getting a letter in the mail stating his love for you,,, what did you feel? were you happy or just confused or did you have a crush before but now you don't?
NAME  lee jeno ??? 
BDAY & AGE  i'm going to say this right now, if your character is under 18 i don't want to see them with an older guy. they're high schoolers, ok/? ?? lmao
FACE CLAIM  wannaone's park woojin is taken!
BACKUP  just incase there's a fight for someone's mans (or womans,,, it's 2018 it is all about the equality here okAy? but i just wanna make a note here you guys don't need a love interest but it adds another flavor of spice but if you like vanilla ice cream no worries!!!! just erase everything here,, add in a few pictures idk!! :~))
ABOUT  everything you think i should know about your significant other here. they won't play a huge huge role in the story so whatever you'd like to put in here like a couple of personality traits, how you guys met,,, etc etc,,, 
WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT THE LETTER?  do they know? do they not? if they do, how do they feel about it,,, etc


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