Looking for a dominate Rp partner

A Is in love with B who already had a boyfriend who wasn't a very good one and A was a shy timid geek. But one day A disappeared for a couple of weeks and came back really handsome and with a badass attitude, What no one knew was that he had been bitten by a Lycan . and he chooses B as his mate.

 A and B were lovers in mid-evil times, but the war had broken out and A left to fight. When he returned he found that B had died in his absence due to illness. Overcome with grief A tried to take his own life. As he laid there dying he was saved and turned into a vampire cursed to walk the earth waiting for centuries til his lover reincarnates in modern times.


 A is a regular college student who saves the life of Bad boy Yakuza leader B, Forever grateful and touched by the other's kindness B vow's to protect his savior but also court him into being his future wife.


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3rd pov   multi-para     



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