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Yoon Ji Eun
CMELODIE | mel | 8/10
NICKNAME(S): Choo (If you speak her name fast enough it sounds like choo, like choo choo train)
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 December 1999
BIRTHPLACE: Yeongnam, South Korea
→ Korean / fluent (but she does speak in dialect when she feels angry or stressed)

→ Japanese / Conversational (too much anime does things to you)
APPEARANCE: 160cm, 41kg, dark brown eyes (perfect eyesight) and medium length with full black hair, her hair is a little wavy. Her body type is bottom heavy so although her waist is small, her thighs are bigger than usual. Her hips are wide and her friends joke saying she has child bearing hips.
STYLE: Simple, like a white t-shirt and black pants. Comfort over fashion but she loves a good headwear. Caps, berets, hats, hoods, flower crowns, veils and really anything she can put on her head. Dull colours are her go to, nothing flashy, nothing neon. Dark blue, black, white, grey.
PERSONALITY: ENTP, indifferent, hyper, fearless, loud, clumsy, talkative, petty and shameless
Extrovert, talkative and loud:
Ji Eun loves to make friends. She loves being around people. If she does not go out with her friends for a day, her face would turn pale and her mood would drop till the core of the earth. Her normal talking voice already sounds like a megaphone stuck to her vocal chords. She could never run out of topics and would talk for hours and hours until it was time to go home. She also likes talking in memes and make refrences to anime she has watched ("omae wa mou shinderu") and vines ("why are you runnin?").
Jie Eun didn't really care. She would be smiling all the time towards people and have fun but she never haboured care for her friends. She would call herself a walking contradictory, a fake basically. She had too much walls in front of her to let anyone close to her. Unless they could break her walls, she would continue smiling for the sake of image but not a single tint of love is in her voice. Perhaps if you know her for over ten years like her only friend, Soo Jin, maybe you would be able to see what's behind her smile. Another note is that unlike the rest of the world, she is immune to cute puppies and kittens. She is indifferent towards babies and children but people have told her she is surprisingly good with children.
Hype and fearless:
Something like a little bit too excited, Ji Eun is the being of that. She would be a bit too jumpy in class and always in top condition for anything. She has the tendency to always be the loudest in cheers during camps and running around the school to lose the amount of energy in her. School trips, new teachers and others that differ from her usual routine, she would be the most excited, even over small things like spotting a snail trying to climb a tree. Perhaps her constant excitement over everything made her fearless. Not afraid of change, not afraid of pain and not afraid of creatures because apparently girls are afraid of cockroaches.
Clusmsy and shameless:
Tripping over nothing on the floor is a given but Ji Eun has managed to drop her bag from the 12th storey and till this day, has no idea how that had happened. Perhaps from constantly slamming her head against the pillars, a trait of shamelessness was formed. She would shake off her embarrassment of tripping on the sidewalk and pretend nothing happened. Even when her friends break out of laughter from her clumsy fall, she would get up, brush off the dirt and smile. "You saw nothing!" she would say and join her friends once again.
Ji Eun bears grudges, even the smallest ones. She still remembers that one time in her elementary school, her classmate, Joon Bin, called her dumb. Even now she still remembers how he looks like and if she ever saw him on the streets, she swore she would call him dumb with the loudest voice she could ever have. She has the motto of "revenge is the best dish served cold". Ji Eun never forgets but once she has served her coldest dish, she would forgive the person on the spot, afterall, they already learned their lesson.
Ji Eun is an only child brought up in a middle income family. Both her parents work and she has grown distant from them. However, Ji Eun has no negatove feelings towards them. She understood her parents had no choice but to work long hours to give her the luxury of staying in a warm house that had everything she needed. She had a secret dream of being an actress. Being the star of the show. The amount of talent she sees in Kdramas inspired her to want to do the same. Her favourite dramas were Secret Garden and Boys over Flowers. She never left Busan until her first year in high school where she was scouted by JYP. The person asked if she wanted to be an actress and she happily complied. However, it seems like her image was not what JYP wanted as she was a little more rough in terms of personality, so she left JYP after a year and tried to join Bighit entertainment who was recruiting. What she did not check was that they were not recruiting actresses but singers, specifically idol singers. But she passed the audition with some sort miracle and started training for another year. When she heard there was going to be a survival show, she was hyped for it. She really loved watching Produce 101, both seasons, Produce 48, SIXTEEN, Idol School and Winner vs Ikon.
→ Anime
→ Kdramas
→ Boy Bands (Currently she really likes Stray Kids)
→ Fried Chicken
→ Volleyball (she was the captain (wing spiker) of the volleyball club in middle school)
→ Soo Jin (her best and only friend)
→ Singing (newly aquired likes)
→ Sashimi
→ Maths
→ Memes
→ High elements (like rock climbing)
→ Gossip
→ Wimps ("like its just a lizard!")
→ The heat (she can stand the cold but never the summer sun)
→ Egg plants
→ High heels
→ English (it's her worst subject too)
→ Cleaning and packing ("I know where my things are!")
→ Cussing (despite her fearlessness, she doesn't feel right when cussing)
→ Yoon Chan Yi
 / Father / 46 / Accountant / Distant but still in contact / Her father had to work 14 hours for 6 days a week. On his off day, he would sleep the day away from exhaution. However, he would sometimes bring Ji Eun to the zoo, aquarium or the park. Ji Eun feels closer to her dad than mum.
→ Kim Gi Eun / Mother / 46 / Accountant / Distant but postive / Ji Eun never really got to know her mum except for three things. She met her dad in the same company and department. She decided the name Ji Eun and she really loves maths. She has joked to Ji Eun that perhaps both the parents are accountants which is why Ji Eun loves maths.
→ Jeon Soo Jin / Childhood friend / 19 (same age as Ji Eun) / Student (University) / A sister from another mother / They met in elementary school, in third grade. Ji Eun and Soo Jin sat next to each other and Ji Eun naturally talked to her. Soo Jin never really talked so all she did was listen to Ji Eun talk about anything and everything. It could be her calm atmosphere or her willingness to listen but Ji Eun trusts her with everything. Soo Jin in return also eventually shares her troubles and secrets with Ji Eun.
FACECLAIM: Red Velvet Yeri
TALENT TWIN: Mamamoo Solar
OTHER SKILLS: She can play the drums (her parents wanted her to learn and instrument and she chose the drums)
COMPANY: Bighit (Ex JYP)
YEARS TRAINED: 2 years (1 year acting in JYP, 1 year idol in Bighit)
TRAINEE LIFE: She was stuck at the dance basics for as long as she could remember. She was always behind when it came to dancing but she never gave up. Ji Eun didn't know if it was her stubborn pride or motivation to perform on stage one day but she never complained during training and worked hard. She was the only one who took 10 months before she was done with the basic dance training while everyone else took 1-6 month(s).
REPUTATION: The staff views Ji Eun as a hard working happy virus. They feel like their days are brightened by watching Ji Eun smile while practising. Even after being scolded, Ji Eun would smile in response and bow with the words "I'll try even better!"
The trainees view Ji Eun as a weirdo. At one point she is laughing and talking loudly about the world, another point she shuts herself away from the others. They aren't sure if Ji Eun is a friendly vitamin for others or a cold indifferent anime character that sits at the last row in class.

EXPERIENCE: Ji Eun has appeared in one music video while she was in JYP. She acted as the girl who took away the main lead's boyfriend, basically a home wrecker. Ji Eun has felt that she suited villian roles better when she was training in JYP.
WHY DO YOU THINK YOU WERE CHOSEN TO PARTICIPATE IN FAVORITE?: "I'm sure it was because they saw potential in me. In my vocals that I'm confident in and my perserverence to upgrade my dancing skills. (laughs) I know my dancing abilities are perhaps only at elementary school level but I believe I can improve, perhaps I'll keep improving even when I debut!
WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE SHOW?:  "I would bring smiles and laughter. In hard times and when everything looks glum, I would be the one to bring the sun back into the training room. I'm confident in always having my spirit up high even when things in life are going down."
WHERE WOULD YOU RANK YOURSELF AMONG THE OTHER TRAINEES?: "There are 20 trainess in this competition right? Hmm, I guess in terms of vocals I rank myself 2nd! I maybe shameless but I want to be seem as humble! (laughs) just kidding, I'm probably 1st in singing! In dancing, maybe 20th? I'm amazingly bad I can't even deny it. So if I average my score, I rank myself 10!"
WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? WEAKNESSES?: ."Dancing is my weakness! I know I've said it a million times but it really is and I can't emphasise it even further! I guess also I'm a little bit distant despite my friendliness. Even though I want to get close to the other trainees, I can't seem to open the door to my heart! My strength would be to never give up and smile through the hardships. My dad taught me that a long time ago so I guess it stuck.
COMMENTS: She is a very complicated girl but what human isn't complicated? Her competitive self won't let her give up in times of hardship and her dad's words won't let her stop smiling. She doesn't care about her outward appearance but she does want attention from others even if she doesn't want them near her heart. Perhaps the concrete walls will crack, after all, Soo Jin did it before!
SUGGESTIONS/REQUESTS: She is from Busan and even though it is a stereotype, her words are somewhat blunt and brash. She doesn't care of the other's feelings so she spouts harsh things. She hates gossip though so she will say these things in your face, but never behind your back.

PASSWORD: Her stage name would be Warai (wah-rah-ee) which means to laugh in Japanese. She wants to continue bringing laughter to people because she knows the feeling of having to fake it.
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