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just another freelancer with another thread created to search for other lovely little souls : --- ) i kid. i'm not lovely. i'm looking forwards to doing pwp or -based plots only.

rules are simple:

- a busy bee. please be patient. i will do the same.

- don't be unmotivating with your replies, eh.

- fully literate with a writing style pleasant to read.



- mine: exo (jongin, chanyeol), nct (taeyong, yuta), red velvet (seulgi, irene), blackpink (lisa)

- yours: the ones mentioned above plus sehun, yixing, joy, rose, kyulkyung, nancy. just anyone you would like to be actually!

kinks: anything excluding gore & . preferences are rather taboo-ish: , infidelity, dub/noncon as themes, humiliation, overstimulation, multiple/dry/forced s, , lactating, squirting


i'd be more than glad to experience a greedy you. ` satisfaction washed over him and wiped away any so-called morals left when his teeth sunk into her luscious lip and it into the heat of his mouth, hushed moans released with each brushing of eager tiers only drove them further away from reality ; oh god. ` deep growls uttered through gritted teeth proved just how aroused he is for her, shameless hands forcing her dress into a messed bunch around her middle and unable to stop themselves from cupping her bra-clad s ; this, baby. i want to feel your pretty little s hardened against my tongue. ` slyness is evident in his eyes when he found the way to unclasp the piece and casually tossed it onto the floor, strong fingers soon digging onto her knees and holding her legs spread, his hips rolling into the damp patch of her , just the friction alone has got his pants a little more tensed ; you have no idea what you're getting yourself into when you tell me not to hold back. i wanna be inside of you. again and again. on this ing table, against the wall, drilling you into the mattress, laying you on your damn balcony. anywhere. until you are shaped to my and cannot reach your without my touch. ` drunk on lust, his mouth latched itself to the pinkish bud on her chest, tongue twirling around it sensually as his digits hooked at the hem of her underwear, struggling to tug it off ;


pm me with the form:

faceclaims: yours & mine


kinks: preferences & limits

writing sample:

platform + id:

possible ideas: (or we can brainstorm)

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