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I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for the love and support I've gotten from you through PM's here and DM's on twitter, as well as PM's on Wattpad. It means the world to me that y'all still care to message me your love.

To answer your questions, yes, I've gotten a lot of hate for having made The Enslaved Vows into an original story. A lot of people hate the fact that there was no more Yoongi and Hyemi, no more Jungkook and Jayeon. They're also a little upset that there will not be a Hoseok and Bohui. Well, I'm sorry, bu

I've grown very attached to Andre and Brynn. So, there will not a fanfic version of them.

However, I have decided to put my stories back up here, on AFF. Not because of the hate. I decided to put them back up for now because I wanted to give back to the ones that were with me from the very begining, especially to the ones that were with me in the very, very beginning. Like, I'm talking from the most atrocious title that Yoongi and Hyemi had before "For Better or Worse."

I'm so very happy that you guys are so happy that they're back up. A lot of you are asking how long they'll be up for. Honestly, I have no idea. So I don't want to promise that they'll be up forever and I don't want to promise that they'll be up for months at a time and I decide to take them down sooner than that. So let's just say that they'll be up for a while. I hope that you guys still choose to read the original version to give it a chance. If not, hey, I understand.

My old twitter is posted in the chapters on here, though. On my about me and personal message, on my profile, though, the correct twitter link is posted, as well as my and my Wattpad account. I'm going to post them here, too, just so that you guys can find me on there more easily.

Kristin XM

P.S. I still write fanfics once in a while. Maybe one day, I'll post a little something here for the hell of it?

P.S.S. No love lost. BTS are still my boys. I'm still mad sweet on Suga ;)

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What was your favorite installment of The Enslaved Vows?

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