Thank You

Today makes 5 years since my last suicide attempt. Since then I have gotten therapy and help from friends and family. A few years ago I made my first story. Little Secret. I had got so much comments and fans, people telling me how much they loved the story and how it showed them a different view of such a touchy topic. People have noticed that in all my stories there is one character that either has gone through depression or goes through it in the book. This is a way for me to feel connected to my story and share apart of myself with the world. I had never thought I’d be writing before. I took a chance at it during middle school. Back when Wattpad was really big. But once I came on here and published that first book it made me so happy. So till this day I have been writing as therapy for myself and for others to enjoy. Thank you, for reading and commenting on my stories. It makes me really happy to know I have fans. 

   Soon I will be creating my first actual published book. A short story that I could promote and sell out there in the world. Maybe you’ll see me creating really great stories one day. 

   Thank you for saving me. I love you all! <3

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