What Is Your Go-To Main Character?

Normally, when you write a story, you would have to choose how you're going to present your main character, which is what I would like to discuss about for today's blogpost. The following are all my own thoughts and opinions, I just made this blogpost to provoke some comments and interactions. XD Feel free to comment about what kind of MC you write, I would like to hear about them!

So, getting straight to the point. Whenever I start on a story, my go-to character would be the 'top' of the relationship. Like say, Kyungsoo is the 'top' in my ChanSoo ship, so I'll naturally write in his POV in my ChanSoo fanfics. Another example is writing Kyuhyun as my MC for my KyuWook fics, where I prefer Kyuhyun 'topping'.

Getting the image? Okay. Moving along-

When it comes to their role, I would normally make my MC something like 'in the dark' character. It means that there are some things that the MC is unaware about, most of the time it revolves around their partner in the relationship. They are by no means naive, but they are indeed ignorant to certain things, depending on the concept of the story. (Ex: Not knowing their partner is in a Mafia, in a Mafia!AU fanfic.)

Tell me if I'm not making sense, yeah?

As for characteristics, it varies a lot most of the times. Depending on who I'm writing (Kyungsoo or Kyuhyun), their character will change accordingly. Also, their character traits will also vary depending on what kind of story I am writing.

There's nothing much that I can say here so I'll just skip to the next sub-topic!

In relationships, I tend to make my MC a partner who worries a lot for their significant other. They worry about their well being a lot, but they don't show it most of the time because they don't want to bother their partner too much. They will not cut in to help their partners unless they're asked to or if they're right there when it's happening and their partner cannot fight back at all. They would certainly have disagreements with their partners, but they will still try to understand where they're coming from and think in their mindset, if possible. They will not force anything upon their partner, and would always use the passive approach when it comes to intimacy. Oh, and they do get jealous when they see their partners with someone else. However, they will not go berserk upon seeing the scene, because they trust their partners and they also know that their partners are theirs for a reason, and it will be a while before something happens that might break them apart.

Make sense, right?

I think that is about it for my go-to MC. Aside from character traits and sometimes the roles, the rest are kind of the same usually: They are the 'top' in the relationship, and they're a huge softie when it comes to a relationship.

With that said, please comment below about what your go-to characters tend to be usually! I would like to know. :D

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