To my beloved sisters.... @Park_Taerin @Jimminniee

I wasn't a good friend to you all but I'm trying my best to share my love with all of you. But this time I thought write a blog for my best friends in AFF. They look after me for months they are like my own sisters. Both of them always try to solve my best problem and getting stressed from it.

Best friends are meant to stay together with each of the friends and help them when each of one needs help. But I'm a degrase for it. Because I never think about how they feel or how they do. I always cared about my self. I'm a selfish person to both of them. But they never let me go. They stay by my side and made me happy. They help me with every single thing in my life. 

So today I thought to give a value to my friendship and recreate a new friendship among three of us. I'm really sorry for only thinking about me. Now on i promise to think about three of before doing something. So plz forgive me Marie and Taetae.  

@Jimminniee and @Park_Taerin 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


Do you think that I'm a good person? (Be honest)



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You Adorable little goof ball! we will never let you go!!
and awwww ciskckskdefjid you are so talented andd that cutee art!! gimme that hat dkwoco
I am fan of you now❤