Art Dump

I'm bored so I thought I would dump some Friday night doodles. Here ya go.

this is soo. i saw someone's fanart of it and wanted to try and recreate. theirs is still cuter but ya know. a for effort i guess.

why is it sideways? anyway the beginnings of a pizza!taemin

ah yes, a finished pizza!tae

i'll probably just dump art here or ye idk there ya go

okay my hybrid!jongdae from my three hybrids fic would have been cute if 

1. i remembered to outline it aFTER coloring it so rip his face because i ed up and

2. if didn't give him both a human ear AND cat ears LOL

practice is supposed to make perfect but, uh, that seems to be wrong LOL

here's a baekhyun

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