Looking for roleplay partner (Can be permanent if you want to)


The title says it all! I'm currently looking for people to plot with(Friends, Relationship, Friends with Benefits), any genre would do. I'm always open for any ideas that you would want to try! (Also, everything must be IC only but maybe small talk/friendship ooc is good.)

roleplay partner in either kkt or line.

? ALL UALITIES (But when it comes to hetero, I usually prefer being the girl.)

? I'm usually a sub-bottom but I'm a versa. ._. I know I am- 

? AU or Non-AU is fine with me,but I like exchanging ideas for possible plots too! (I'm good with any genre by the way!)

? ? Depending on our 1.) Faceclaim, and  2.) Genre & plot. (I'm quite rusty on the writing.)

? I prefer para-rping in third person but maybe we can arrange some sort of deal that we may both benefit(?) (Please avoid one liners at all cost.)

? I reply very fast unless I'm asleep or out on an errand. I'll tell you if I'll get busy and what not so please don't die on me. (Timezone is GMT+8)

? Here is the list of my faceclaims:


astro. sanha, moonbin, eunwoo
stray kids. hyunjin, han, i.n
svt. seungcheol, hoshi, wonwoo, jihoon, mingyu, vernon
wannaone. guanlin, jihoon
ikon. chanwoo


blackpink. lisa, jisoo
exid. hani, junghwa
pristin. rena, roa, eunwoo, xiyeon
produce 48 trainees. yujin, wonyoung, sakura, eunbi, nako, yena, jurina
red velvet. irene, seulgi, joy
twice. nayeon, sana, jihyo
wekimeki. yoojung, doyeon
others. somi, iu, ryujin, sungkyung, boyoung. (We can also do ulzzang couples!)


PM me this format

platform + id.
your faceclaim
top? bottom? versa?
my faceclaim
au/non-au? (We can discuss plots once I've added you)


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