actively looking for (fully) literate roleplay partners!

...primarily for 1x1 roleplaying in discord, line or kkt, but possibly to sign up with me for a few au roleplays i've had my eye on for a while? i dunno. let's go w/ the flow for now.



seeking literate partners
& hetero
discord, line & kkt
who am i?
sup! the name's catharsis but i also go by the (much friendlier) pen name of tia. i'm from the uk & so my tz is gmt+1. i've been writing for as long as i can remember, and it's a hobby that consumes a lot my free time - so i thought finding someone who shares the same (interest, enthusiasm, borderline obsession) with writing as i have would be awesome. so here i am!
who am i looking for?
•  primarily, i'm looking for someone whose first language is english or is proficient in english. if this seems harsh, i'm sorry! i just don't want language barriers to be an obstacle between us. please don't contact me if you think english isn't a strong point for you -or- you're more comfortable writing in another language.
•  i
 do plot, and so would like a partner who enjoys plotting and setting out a plan for our roleplay to follow.
•  my preferred genres are angst and action, and
i do not enjoy fluffy or lighthearted roleplays at all, so if that's your preference, i'm probably not the right partner for you.
•  I WILL NOT DO (fade to black/implications are okay though) but am open to most other mature themes, including topics such as violence & drug/alcohol abuse.
i write literately, averaging around 3-10 paragraphs depending on what's happening in our plot. i'd appreciate getting in touch with someone who can mirror that length.
i can only write for au plots, and will not do non-au, so i'm looking for someone who is comfortable and has experience in writing for au plots.
•  if i 
get to know you well enough, i'm also 100% up for joining roleplays with you (as either moving couples or just friends!) platforms i'll roleplay publicly on are limited to mewe & facebook, though.
i'd love to find someone who i can bond with & have ooc conversations with as well i'm into rabbiting & casual gaming, so it'd be awesome if i could find someone to do that with! however, this isn't a requirement, and i'm 100% fine if you wish for our relationship to be purely ic-based.
•  i guess i'm not really picky about this, but i ask that whoever you choose to faceclaim is of asian descent and is not an ulzzang, model or actor - the reason being that i don't know any ulzzangs, models or actors well enough. 
• please don't create weird s between our characters lmao.
i won't do any romance plots with a faceclaim who is < 18.
i would love it if you picked someone from the list below, but if none of the following suit you, idm if you pick someone else!

•  exo: kai / baekhyun
•  bts: v / jungkook / suga / jimin
•  nct: taeil / jaehyun / taeyong

•  loona: any 
loona member! i love all of them!
blackpink: jennie / rosé
•  twice: 
chaeyoung / tzuyu / sana
•  red velvet: joy / seulgi / irene
who CAN I ROLEPLAY? (hover)
 sweet! then all you gotta do now is hit my aff pms   (@catharsis) up with a bit of information about yourself!  
 •  name / penname / what i should refer to you as 

 •  your faceclaim
 •  who you'd like me to faceclaim
 •  favourite genres / aus
 •  pov you'd like to use (first or third)
 •  uality ( or hetero)
 •  timezone
 •  platform & id (discord, line or kkt)

 •  anything you'd like to add 



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