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Name Shin Min-Ji

Other NAMEs 

— Mayumi Endo / Japanese name

— Marie Shin / English name


— Min / shorter version of her name, used by the other members, family
— Minnie / shorter version of her name, used mostly by the older members

— Minji-pedia(like Wikipedia) / because she is very smart

Birthdate February 27, 1997

Age 21

Birthplace Toronto, Canada

Hometown Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan, South Korea.
Nationality Korean, Canadian

Ethnicity Half Korean(father's side), Half Japanese(mother's side)


— Korean / Fluent / Native language. She and her family moved to her Fathers' hometown when she was in fourth grade.

— Japanese / Intermediate / She spent every summer living in Japan with her grandparents.

— English / Fluent / Was born and lived in Toronto, Canada until she was nine.

FACECLAIM Pristin - Roa

BACKUP Red Velvet - Park Sooyoung "Joy"

Height 162 cm


— No matter what country she's in, all her life, people had always thought of Min-Ji as angelic. With dark black hair and a light complexion, everyone always seemed to marvel at her beauty. Boys would follow her around just to gouge at her facial expressions which always displayed humbleness and grace. But she never really noticed because she was so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness. Her porcelain skin was so completely flawless, that she barely needed to use any products and her inner beauty lit her eyes and softened her features. She had a smile that could light a dark room and melt even the evilest of cold hearts. When she smiled and laughed people couldn't help but smile along with her and to be in her company was to feel that you had been warmed by a hot summer sun regardless of the season.



Fashion Style

— Min-Ji's style was composed of oversized sweaters, cardigans, jean jackets, short skirts, shorts and neutral, earth tone, colors. She preferred to don comfortable clothes with soft hues so that she wouldn't bring to much attention to herself. Because of her shy nature, she had never felt too comfortable in her own skin, especially out in public. But when she started dressing for herself(and not for the approval of others) she learned that clothes were like a second skin, and the more comfortable she was in them, the more comfortable she was with herself.








— N/A


Personality traits

— Positive:

  • Dependable
  • Observant
  • Optimistic
  • Intelligent
  • Charming
  • Unknowingly funny
  • Encouraging
  • Helpful
  • Patient
  • Humble
  • Imaginative
  • Trusting

— Negative: 

  • Lazy
  • Picky
  • Sarcastic
  • Grudgeholder
  • Forgetful
  • Anxiety
  • Shy


Personality First impressions made people believe that Min-Ji was cold and rude. Most of the time her facial expressions were serious, tending to come off uninterested and misleading others into thinking that she was unfriendly and distant. Even the members had said that before meeting her they thought she was going to be hard to get along with. But upon getting to know her, they realized she is actually extremely sweet and generous. Sure there was her shyness barrier that rendered her friendships slow-growing, but they could see that she was interested in them and she did want to befriend them. 


Min-Ji is rather reserved and quiet. Ever since she could remember she has always been this way. As a child, she would just sit back and observe the other children play. She's never been too fond of being the center of attention. She has trouble starting conversations and she's so self-conscious of her words that she would, almost always, rather not say anything at all than to say something and end up saying the wrong thing. She is so shy that she wasn’t even able to look the other members in the face during her first year of training at Moon Ent. It always takes her time to get comfortable with other people and most times she feels like a burden because she knows that she never puts in as much effort to make a friend. Anyone she is close with now is her friend because they pursued the friendship and not her. And this really bothers her because she feels like she puts too much pressure on people but it is just too hard for her to make the first moves.


Despite her being shy, however, she could also be very charming and talkative with her friends. It is always funny to the others when they saw how timid she was with strangers but then the second she was away from the public eye she would start acting like a goofball. However, although there are times when there isn't anyone who could possibly shut her up, most of the time she was very silent. She is a really good listener and almost everyone she knows will go to her to talk about their problems. She is also very patient. She always thought that if she didn't make it as an idol than she would become a kindergarten teacher.


She also goes out of her way to help others and make them feel comfortable. She's really easy to talk to and laughs really easily. She's a team player and is always ready to take one for the team. She isn't exactly competitive but she always did her best to be number one in everything she did. For her, it wasn't about being number one but about being the absolute best that she could be in order to inspire and encourage others.  


Min-Ji is so creative and her imagination is so wild that she spends most of her time inside her mind. She is also a huge gamer and is very good at it. And despite her coming from a relatively rich family, she doesn’t have the personality of a stereotypical rich kid. 


But like everyone else, she is far from perfect. Despite being the main dancer of the group she is probably the laziest member. Whenever she isn't practicing out on stage she is in her bedroom laying in bed, watching something on Netflix or YouTube and eating. She is very impulsive and tends to do things on a whim and although this usually works out for her, there have been times in the past where it hindered her ability to grow. And she is very forgetful. So much so that she is constantly writing reminders down on her palm, otherwise she will forget about it. She has really bad anxiety attacks that usually come out of nowhere but she has learned to think positively to quiet them down and this had made her into an optimistic person. 


It has always been hard for her to stand up for herself, or even to speak her mind. closes up and she just can't say anything so she ends up giving in to whatever. 


Probably the worst thing about her is that she doesn't really know how to express her feelings to others. She tends to keep her emotions bottled up inside and when someone angers her she locks herself up in her mind and tends to ignore them until she can get over it herself. There is no talking about what makes her angry, there is just silence and brooding. She tends to hold grudges as well. When she is angry your best bet is to leave her alone and let her cool down but sometimes people continue to question her; why are you mad? what did I do? I'm sorry. Let's talk about it. And this serves to anger her more. She really wants her family and friends, and her fans to know how much she loves and appreciates them but she has trouble expressing this.



Background Shin Min-Ji was born on February 27, 1997, in Toronto, Canada. She was the third child born to her parents, a year after her they had another baby boy. In total they had four kids, three boys and her. She was born into a wealthy family, her grandfather was the CEO of the Korean branch, globally renown car company, BWM. Despite the fact that she was wealthy and had three brothers, Min-Ji always found herself locked away in her room with just a CD player and notebooks where she created fantasy worlds which she spent(in her imagination) most of her time in. She was always the black sheep of the family. While her brothers were off playing some kind of sports or learning everything they could about cars and the family business, she spent her time listening to music. 


She lived in Toronto up until the age of nine when her grandfather passed away and her family moved back to South Korea(in 2006) so that her father could continue the business. Min-Ji always had trouble making friends and because of this she always felt there was something wrong with her. But she had one thing that made her feel accepted and that was music. Being the new kid and knowing little of the language she struggled during her first years. She had trouble making new friends and so the students at school shut her out. As she struggled with low self-esteem she turned to music. Music was the one thing that was always by her side. It made her happy when she was sad and gave her company when she was lonely. Music became a huge part of her. 


Every summer Min-Ji and her brothers would fly to Japan and stay with their grandparents for three months. It was difficult for her brothers to keep up with their school work but for Min-Ji it was a breeze. As a kid, Min-Ji was familiar with South Korean groups but she preferred to listen to western music because she was more comfortable with the language. She was also a fan of Japanese girl group Morning Musume and always hoped to one day join the group. Though she always thought that was wishful thinking in her part because there was no way she would ever make it. One day(in August of 2008), while visiting a Japanese cafe with her grandmother, they played Super Juniors U on the speakers and she instantly fell in love with the song. By this time she was more comfortable with her Korean and she understood the lyrics. Later that month it was revealed that SJ would hold a performance for the song in Tokyo, Japan. Min-Ji convinced her grandparents to take her and she instantly fell in love with the group and their music. On her trip back home to Korea, she discovered SNSD and her relationship with music grew stronger.





— Singing, Dancing
— Charmed(an American t.v series)
— Burger King
— Chocolate (especially Nutella)
— Reading, Writing
— Music (especially Super Junior)
— Mukbang videos
— Playing video games 
— lazy days
— Rainy days were it's pouring out and
thereis lighting and thunder
— Watching documentaries



— School 
— Math
— Mice, Rats(any type of rodent really)
— Sleeping (she feels its a waste of time)
— Winter (hates the cold in general)
— Scary movies(not because she's afraid, but because she thinks they drag on and become boring after the first ten minutes)
— Meat in a stew(Min-Ji is a really picky eater because right before the food goes into her brain starts guessing all the places the food has been and what it once was. So she prefers her meat, fried or baked. Basically, she prefers her meat not to resemble what it looked like before it died)
— Pork(it's too chewy)
— People talking when she is sleeping(she gets super grumpy if she is woken up by chatter)
— Mint flavor



— Writing short stories
— Making her own choreography
— Playing video games
— Eating anywhere, everywhere, and at anytime
— Laying in bed and watching Netflix/YouTube/Documentaries
— Listening to music



— Cracking her knuckles(not necessarily when she's nervous. She is always constantly cracking her knuckles, it happens unconsciously)
— Calling her mom before every performance for strength
— Shaking her leg(she always needs to shake her leg or rock back and forth because she can't sit still. If she sits still she falls asleep.)
— Listening to the same song over again(sometimes, a song she is listening to is a mood, and almost always she can never find other songs that fit that mood the currents song is making her feel so she just replays the same song until the mood is gone or until she is sick of it and never wants to hear it again.)
— Pain in her chest? Pee comes out green? No problem, she googles it. Constantly googling every question she has.
— Biting her lower lip and the inside of her cheeks(again, not necessarily when she's nervous)
— Spacing out when others are talking



— Is a huge fan of GOT7 and in 2014, she appeared in the music videos of Got7's "Stop Stop It"
— Her favorite movies of all time are Anastasia and Quest for Camelot. She has watched them so many times she knows the script by heart
— She almost debuted as a duo with Baek Yerin but left JYP due to family issues and Yerin ended up debuting later that year with Park Jimin
— She is close friends with Suzy(MissA), Jinyoung and Jaebum(Got7). 
— She tends to have a lot of crushes but has never had her first boyfriend or even a first kiss
— When she isn't practicing or promoting she spends almost all her time on the internet
— She tends to get along better with boisterous and energetic people rather than people like herself
— She's not good at cooking in general but makes the meanest(as in good/best) breakfast
— Her favorite color is pink
— She loves the smell of the ocean but really can't eat seafood
— She's a really picky eater
— She was chosen for a JYP girl group(other than the potential duo with Yerin) but they disbanded and never debuted.
— She really hates washing the dishes and so she never does them





— Father / Shin Byeonkwan / 50 / Her father was never the most affectionate person but having kids turned him soft. He has a special spot in his heart that belongs only to Min-Ji. All her life, whatever she needed he gave her, whenever she needed him he was there. 


— Mother / Hikari Endo / 47 / Hikari was Min-Ji's best friend. They had a bond that went beyond the regular mother-daughter bond. Hikari always knew what Min-Ji was thinking even before she did herself. When Hikari became sick it was difficult for Min-Ji. That had been the worst time of both their lives but it also strengthened their bond. If there was ever something on Min-Ji's mind she would consult her mother and Hikari always knew what to do.




Brothers  /  Shin Min-Chul(27)  /  Shin Min-hyuk(24)  /  Shin Min-Jae(19)

Min-Ji and her brothers get along for the most part. Coming from a well-off family her brothers where never home. They tended to spend most of their time hanging out with their friends, playing for sports teams and being generally sociable people. Which was the complete opposite of her. Her eldest brother couldn't quite understand why she was so shy but it never stopped him from protecting her. And because of their closer age, she always got along with her youngest brother. They were like two peas in a pod. Min-Jae was the second person to always know what was going on with her, the first being her mom. And while Min-Chul and Min-hyuk preferred their Korean heritage, Min-Ji and Min-Jae were always happy to visit their grandparents and learn more about where their mother came from.





Best Friends  /  Im Jaebum  /  Park Jinyoung  

Min-Ji met JB and JR during her trainee years at JYP. Her shy nature caught JB's attention since he was always remotely quiet himself and he became her friend and later introduced her to Jinyoung. They were the first real friends Min-Ji had ever had and they taught her a lot. And they have been close ever since.





Best Friend  / Lee Minyoung

Upon joining JYP Min-ji was always very subconcious and her shyness was getting in the way of her improving but Min quickly took her under her wing and showed her how to be more comfortable with performing. They grew really close and Min-ji always gives Min the credit for her charming personality on stage, though Min always denied it.






— The Mother / The Mother was always the most aware of Min-Ji. She always took into consideration the younger girls feelings and tried her best to make sure she was always comfortable and never stressed. She never wanted Min-Ji to be forced to do anything she didn't want to do. At first she was worried that because of Min-Ji's shyness, she wouldn't make it in the idol world. But after being proved wrong by Min-Ji's bright personality on stage, she carried a new sense of admiration for the younger girl.


— The Father / The Father was the first male member Min-Ji was able to get close with. He reminded her of her own father with his terrible jokes and his always being there for her. He was always feeding her which is what really sealed the deal on their friendship since she was always hungry.


— The Sun / The Sun and Min-Ji have great chemisty onstage, but their relationship was a little strained behind the scenes. Because she was always so up and bright. She was different than The Boisterous because she couldnt tell when she was pushing Min-Ji too far. However, after they were forced to spend twenty-four hours tied together by the wrist (like in the reality tv episodes that put the most awkward members together so they can get closer), they found that they actually have more in common than they initially thought. And now they are good friends that even share a room.

— The Moon / Song Eunho had a 4D personality that Min-Ji just couldn't keep up with. Sometimes he would be completely serious and other times there wouldn't be anyone who could contain him. Still, during the times he was introverted, his personality was much like Min-Ji's. He was the only member who could make her come out of her shell long enough for others to see she too had a fun side. He was also very protective of her and they enjoyed eachothers company. 

— The Boisterous / At first, Min-Ji didn't know what to make of The Boisterous. He was always too loud, too energetic, too fast paced and too mischievous. But after a few months she began to see all the little things he did for her, like, giving her cute nicknames and leaving little snacks for her in her locker and in her backpack. He was always teasing her but knew when it would be too much and she could see in his eyes how much he admired her passion for music. Before she even knew it she was crushing on him though she tried her best not to show it.

— The Prince / Because they were both main dancers, Min-Ji spent most of her time with The Prince in the practice room. Together they choreographed dances they hoped they would be able to show the public one day. He was extremely sweet and Min-Ji started treating him like a younger brother. She knew that he hated his sweet image so she didn't talk about it too much but she really did see him as a smol bean.

— The Princess / Asuka Umeko was the first member of Twilight that Min-ji became close with. Because she is much younger Min-Ji didnt feel so intimidated by her and they were able to become close friends. She was the younger sister Min-Ji had always wanted and their love for pink was unmatched.

Stage name MJ
pLOTLINE 06 The Bashful

Vocal twin Twice's Mina

dance twin Twice's Momo

rap twin Red Velvet's Irene

talking twin Twice's Mina


Trainee years 2 years at JYP + 4 years at Moon Ent.

Trainee life 

She lived in Toronto up until the age of nine when her grandfather passed away and her family moved back to South Korea(in 2006) so that her father could continue the business. Min-Ji always had trouble making friends and because of this she always felt there was something wrong with her. But she had one thing that made her feel accepted and that was music. Being the new kid and knowing little of the language she struggled during her first years. In order to help her daughter, her mother enrolled her in a dance school which she studied at for three years. Music had always been her saving grace and even at a young age she always wanted to be some type of entertainer. In 2009, while she spent the summer in Japan with her youngest brother and her grandparents, she was scouted by a JYP Entertainment staff member and was invited to join JYP Entertainment Global. She auditioned in a JYP audition in Japan and joined the trainee program in South Korea on her return on September 12, 2009. It was the first time in her life Min-Ji felt like she actually belonged. It didn't matter that she was shy and kept to herself, the other trainees and artists welcomed her and made her feel accepted, teaching her all they could. Min-Ji took their advice seriously and worked her off with the hopes of one day debuting.


In early 2012 her mother became really ill and she took it upon herself to take care of her so Min-Ji left JYP and spent the next two years taking care of her mother. When her mother got the clean bill of health from the doctors she pleaded with her daughter to go back to JYP. She had never liked it when she learned that Min-Ji had quit to take care of her but she had been too weak to argue over it. But now that she was better she demanded her daughter to follow her dreams. After having been away from music and training for so long Min-Ji didn't think that she could do it again and was hesitant, so her mother gave her a little push by contacting the daughter of one of her friends, who was a trainee at Moon entertainment. So in late 2013, she joined Moon Ent. 



— 2014-2015 / Appeared in a Got7 music video



— 2018 / Shin Min-Ji bullied by other members? / Prior to debut netizens noticed that Min-Ji was rarely featured on the group's social media as they uploaded videos and pictures of them training and getting ready to debut. In reality, Min-Ji was just really camera shy and always fled whenever the group took out their phones to record. However, Min-Ji herself addressed the issue on social media, apologizing to the fans and promising to not let her fear/shyness stop her again.

05 The Boisterous

Backup Got7's Leader - Im Jaebum


PERSONALITY The boisterous was always overflowing with mischief and energy. He was kind and was always asking her if she was okay. Though he also liked to and play with her he never went too far. He was always talking or always demonstrating and there was never a dull moment with him. Best of all he was always caring around snack that he shared with her.

 energetic, talkative, confident, mischievous, honest, forgetful


Love story He was always smiling and trying to include her in everything. Because his voice was the most heard he took it upon himself to speak out for her as well. Min-ji found herself crushing on him but tried telling herself that he only did the things he did because of his kind nature. But it didn't stop her from dreaming of them being together.

(Up to you how this love story goes^^)


Comments Hi^^ I have been working on her for some time and I think she's ready T^T I hope you like her!!

Scene requests 

-When Min -Ji realizes for the first time that she likes the boisterous. 

-A moment where the father is legit taking care of her as if she was his kid.

-Jaebum and Jinyoung visiting her at her dorm to spend some time together.

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