Not busy anymooooore!


So, I finished my essay, BUT I still have stuff to do since I have oral examination this year. I need to sudy my Korean and probably read my essay through, if I have the willing. 


I'll write this with bigger font cuz its more important: 

I'm sorry that I keep updating the same stories (Love Affair and His Brother) but I update based on the ideas I have. I have ideas that are fast and easy to write for those two fics, while some of them take more time like Positive and Playdate. I know you all want me to update those two because they are my most read fics, and they are just...quality wise amazing (also there is ricsyung in those LOL), but cuz they are super important and need to be considered through, I always need more time to think of what to write. I don't want to give you some half-assed chapter for Positive. And because I have been to school for some months and it has made me confused, I haven't thought about ideas for Positive. Now that I finally have time, I can think about what to write. I hope you can forgive me. :)


Also, I should really start using these fonts when I write cuz back in the day I always used fonts but as years went by I stopped doing that, so I should bring it back. Did you even know that I had a particular font to particular main couple? Yeah, I did. Anyways, thanks for your attention. :)


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