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I haven’t done a tag blog in years maybe (and also, I love your answers! @namlunasoo except kokobop….)

1. bias and why?

Kim Jongin because…he’s my kind of guy. He’s just so goofy and kind-hearted and he seems like a person who can’t see someone getting unfair treatment. His dancing was what first attracted me to him and it still does. He’s just too beautiful for this world.

2. favorite line? (beagle line, maknae line, etc.)

94 line. I loved SeKai dorks.

3. favorite exo bop?

Call Me Baby. I’m still not over it.

4. favorite exo ballad?

My Answer / For Life

5. which exo member would you love to be best friends with?

Baekhyun, my smoochie muffin. He and I are so similar, we’re basically a replica of each other’s personality so if we were together we’d give people some really good laughs.

6. which exo member would you love to date?

Jongin :(

7. which exo member do you think you’d actually dislike if you knew them in real life?

Probably Jongdae because of his whining but since he’s a poofy floof too I guess I’d be easy on him. There really is none. I like all of them and their nature.

8. which exo member is most like you?

Baekhyun, as I mentioned earlier, or Sehun because honestly even I don’t give a about most things and I’m quick to defend people close to me. And we both also tend to stay quiet most of the time.

9. which exo members would make the best sub-unit in your opinion?

Chansoo ;A; with their guitar-themed songs huhu…

10. which exo album is your favorite?


11. which exo album is your least favorite?

EXA’CT but only because I don’t like the vibe of it. Although I love a number of songs from it but…I just don’t like it that much in general.

12. were you around when kris tao and luhan left exo and if yes, what was your reaction?

LOL I was in such a shock when Kris left and I did expect it somehow…he seemed distant to the members. But I cried a lot when Luhan left because I was very close to him emotionally. And even Tao’ departure was expected so I was kinda sad and angry but now I’m actually glad they left. It helped Exo and Exo-Ls progress through so much together and still stay strong.

13. describe your bias in three emojis

Uh the bear face, the chicken leg, and the kissing face one.

14. what song got you into exo?


15. did you watch the olympics closing ceremony live?

Yes and I’m still crying on Jongin’s solo dance.

16. favorite episode of exo showtime?

Episode 9 in its entirety.

17. opinion on exo next door

It’s dorkyyyy and besides we got so many memes and inside jokes from it and I so love it even though it has a bad plot.

18. studio albums or winter albums?

Studio albums.

19. favorite song off of the war?

What U Do?
(it gives me feelings I can’t describe)

20. favorite solo song from any of the exo members?

All solo songs from Baekhyun tbh.

21. favorite exo cbx song?

Sweet Dreams ;A; been snatching my wig from Vroom Vroom.

22. favorite song off of ex’act?

Cloud 9

23. favorite repackage?

All repackages tbh but I’m biased towards Lotto.

24. is your bias the same one as when you first starting listening to exo? if no, who was it before and why did it change?

I remember not liking him at all when I saw MAMA and I thought Suho and Baekhyun were the same person (I was new to kpop ;;) and so I liked them first. But as far as I know, it had been Jongin to really make me check Exo further and stan them.

25. exo song you love to dance to?

Call Me Baby or Lucky One ;A;

26. exo song that gives you all the feels?

For Life and Lights Out ;A; (there’s so many how to even…)

27. favorite song off of xoxo?

XOXO ;A; (I love the entire album I adore it to the depths of my bones)

28. favorite song off of exodus?

Transformer and Lady Luck BLESS.

29. favorite winter album?

For Life.

30. favorite vocalist?

Byun Baekhyun, vocalist of the century.

31. favorite rapper?

Park Chanyeol on Soundcloud.

32. favorite dancer?

Kim Jongin.

33. last exo song you listened to?

The Eve

34. do you read exo fic? if yes, rec some works and some writers!

I used to read a lot but I’m not that active for over a year now I guess. But I’ll recommend
The Aporia of Life by shainiak
His Plus-One Dilemma by Hae-Joo
Moonlight by unnie-bee
Supernova by apennyforseoul
Beyong the Light, Behind the Shadows by baeknim
3:47am by parkchanyolk
Perfection by KillerGal
Two Stars by niangniang

And my absolute favorite; syzygy by fluids on LJ

I don’t know a lot of authors so I can’t recommend ;A;

35. do you ship? name your ships if yes!

I used to be a big SeKai shipper but I’ve lost that now and I’m more biased to Kaibaek. And Chansoo.

36. what would you tell your bias if you met them?

Life has been harsh and people are so cruel, Jongin, but because you were in it, and the thought of meeting you someday, the world was somewhat tolerable.

(that is if I don’t ugly cry first)

37. how much exo merch do you have?

A lottt hahaha I have all the albums except MAMA, Growl, EXA’CT and The War. The rest three were not available ;A; and EXA’CT was the only one I didn’t buy because here’s a small story: I wanted some specific pictures that were in the Chinese version and I wanted the Korean versions of both Monster/Lucky One version so I knew that meant buying three albums but I was poor at the time and Lotto was released so I bought my baby Lotto instead.

I’m sorry that was long. And Lay’s and CBX’s first mini album. And I have all the posters except the mentioned albums and MIC/Sing For You/ Lotto. I also have Baekhyun’s TLP limited poster and Suho, Kyungsoo and Yixing’s seasons greetings 2016 posters. And two copies of For Life’s and Universe’s poster. (BTW I also have two Universe albums and that’s another story haha) and besides that I own other small things and TLP and Exordium’s hand-bands.

38. have you seen exo in concert?

SMTOWN Live and at a close distance ;A; let’s say five feet away only. And they are so much more beautiful in person.

39. universe or sing for you?

Sing For You because it had so much feels at the end of 2015 but also Universe music vise.

40. kokobop or monster?


41. power or love me right?

This is so difficult because LMR because it was the 2015 magic and Jongin’s pink hair but also ;A; Power because it has some special memories. It’s also the song Exo were performing when I saw them that close.

42. how long have you been an exo fan?

Four years 6 months.

43. favorite exo concept?

Call Me Baby. I want them to bring back that bad boy concept.

44. favorite photoshoot?

This is difficult too ;A; but Ceci 2013 and Vogue 2017 photoshoots are <3

45. share the first three exo-related pics you have saved on your phone/laptop

I have a ton of pictures and a ton of folders (and Exo takes atleast six to eight folders TT)

46. recommend some exo-themed blogs! 

;; like tumblr or what? I’m confused about the question otherwise I would.

47. have you gotten anyone else in your life to listen to exo?

Many tbh and recently my cousin.

48. how does exo rank in comparison to other groups you like?


49. favorite non-title track?

XOXO ;A; and What U Do?
(honestly how does anyone even choose)

50. favorite title track?

Call me Baby and Lotto





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