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SNSDtaenyAddict #1
you deserve it author!! im still reading fifty shades of pink book one and book two xD im waiting for the book 3. heheheh and im reading all your soshi updates! dont rush yourself im here to wait xD thanks to you and your stories
Hi author!
First, I'm so sorry for not always comment in your story (but i read it all *thumbs up*)^^
Second, congratulation! You deserved it author..
You do make a great TaeNy stories :))
I hope you will never bored of TaeNy and please make another story in the future..
Thank you, have a nice day to you! :D
You deserve it. Thanks for being a great author specially for Taeny stories. Thank you so much
tipco09 #4
Congratulations! AK, you deserve it for being the most awesome and dedicated writer ever. I'm looking forward to a thousand more great TaeNy fics from you. Aja Aja, fighting!
Congratulations :D on the features
Thank YOU for the amazing stories. You totally deserve it mate. Much love, really appreciate you writing for us❤️.
holyjolly #7
Congratulations, you get what you deserve. :))
Well you really really deserve it! Wishing for more epic stories from you in the future ^-^
dominicaly #9
Yey....those are work of art...keep writting amd inspiring us author.....looking forward by the way for fifty shades of pink season 3...i hope u write it soon coz its summer and lots of time i search for amazing stories to read amd only yours is truly amazing..
khryztalized #10
Workin' on Pot Shot 😁
Congratulations :) you have done well and work really hard for it. Keep up the good work ^^ stay amazing
Grixil #12
your stories are great :)