SNSD as Demigods

I'm thinking of writing some percy jackson au shots. Here is the link to the stories: The Blood of Gods Run in Our Veins

what do you think SNSD's godly parents would be?

Here's what I think:


Jessica - Athena  or (maybe one of the big three)                     

I feel like she is smart. Maybe not like Seohyun book smart, but like wise and cunning. I think she's very sharp and   creative. Athena is also the goddess of courage, personal stregnth, justice and skilll and I think that defines Jessica very  well - a strong independent woman. I'm also Jessica biased so I love bad Jessica and Jessica as a child of the big three is very bad . I kinda also like her as a child of Hades (ya know, the cold outcast but is actually warm as and always misjudged).

Taeyeon - Hades or Zeus, or Jupiter 

She gives off leader feels. Lately, compared to debut Taeyeon, she also gives off vibes that she's carrying a very heavy burden which I think fits the child of Hades or Zeus pretty well. She also just screams raw power to me like Jessica. idk I really like the idea of badass Taengsic

Tiffany Hwang - Aphrodite?    Apollo

I'm not too sure about this one tbh. 

Im Yoona - Aphrodite, Demeter                 

She's gorgeous and just exudes love.

Lee Sunny - Apollo, or Hephaestus, Demeter?        

 Ball of sunshine. She's good at making things. 

Seohyun - Athena                       

  Hands down, bookworm of the group. But she also gives a more Roman vibe than Greek. Who would her parent be then? Bellona? lol I love reyna

Kwon Yuri - Poseidon                 

Adaptable. Force to be reckoned with. ( I can also see her being a huntress for Artemis). 

Choi Sooyoung - Hermes? Hephaestus?           

A little mischevious (okay a lot mischevious) and full of pranks and tricks. Good with her hands? lol

Kim Hyoyeon -  Ares? Dionysus? Hermes?

Very headstrong. Also very mischevious. She's not afraid to confront her problems or people.


(Yikes i forgot Hephaestus, Demeter, and Dionysus and other minor gods). I kinda want someone to be a Demeter child. That would be hella cool



But what do you all think? Also who would be Greek and who would be Roman?

Possibly Roman: Taeyeon, Yoona?, Seohyun (but then who would be her godly parent?), 

Definitely Greek: Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri





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I am a mixture of Hades and Artemis.
thewierdkid #2
I was actually wondering if you could use the primordial gods like Nyx or Chronos or the Titans to have demigod- Umm- demititan children. I’m about 99 percent sure that doesn’t exist in the Percy Jackson series since the demigods are all children of Olympian Gods and the fact that the titans
supposed to be in Tartarus? The underworld? I don’t know-something like that, but I thought it would make for a cool idea.

BTW this idea only came up after I was searching on the internet for a god that other gods like Zeus, Poseidon or Hades feared and it came up with stuff like that- because of that camp wars chapter. It’s just an idea- a not so very well thought out idea but it just a passing thought.

Ps if this whole thing sounds or is stupid please ignore and forget this comment exists thank you!
yuutoo #3
I made up my mind after reading the first chapter of this fic
Taeyeon zeus
Jessica hades
Tiffany apollo
Sunny demeter
Yoona aphrodite
Seo athena
Soo hephaetus
Yuri posaidon
Hyo ares

Wiihiii thats my opinion author XD
Angely95 #4
Taeyeon - Greek and Roman (Maybe you can make her both?). Apollo for old Tae (I'm being bias here) or maybe Hades for current Tae (Depends on which Tae you want).
Jessica - Venus or Aphrodite (Can't decide between Roman or Greek).
Tiffany - Roman. Venus.
Sunny - Roman. Ceres.
Hyoyeon - Greek. Dionysus.
Yuri - Greek. Zeus.
Sooyoung - Don't know
Yoona - Roman. Mercury (Our little prankster) or Apollo.
Seohyun - Roman. Athenas (There's no question on who else) (Personaly, I prefer Athena although she's Greek)
AlohaPristin #5
I love your writing and stories, and a Percy Jackson au sounds like a great idea, I’m really anticipating it.

I think Jessica would be cool as a child if Hades with the whole cold exterior but warm personality. She’s really chill so definitely a Greek.

Taeyeon suits a child of Jupiter. The power she has and the electricity she creates in the air when she sings, it just fits. She’s more stoic and organised so she feels more Roman.

Yuri is definitely a child of Poseidon. They’re probably the most fitting pair. Poseidon is the most relaxed of the big 3 which suits Yuris personality. She also has a lot of unseen power. Again she suits Greek I think.

Seohyun seems like a child of Minerva. She just seems more Roman than Greek, and Minerva is the god of wisdom and war which sums up Seohyun well. Incredibly wise and intelligent but will fight.

Yoona could be a child of either Demeter or Venus? She seems like she could be Greek or Roman, though I’d probably say Roman. She’s really down to earth plus she loves to eat, obviously a good fit for making crops grow. Aphrodite is self explanatory- beautiful but smart and also kinda deadly.

Sooyoung as a child of Hermes seems like a really good idea. She also fits the Greeks more than the Romans I think. She could also be a child of Aphrodite though; not usually seen as a threat or powerful but in reality is is powerful and can deal some damage.

Hyoyeon as Ares sounds good too. Always ready for a fight, hardworking. Definitely a Greek, she doesn’t fit the military style of the Romans, but suits the disorganised chaos of the Greeks.

Sunny could be a child of Apollo or Demeter. As you said she is a ball of sunshine, and she’s also down to earth.

Tiffany is quite tricky to place I think. She could a child of Apollo, Artemis or Aphrodite. I think she’d suit all of them.
suhikim #6
I think Jessica can pull off just great being a child of any of the 3 main gods tbh, she has all it takes to be a child of either of them. but if I have to choose one, I would like to recommend being Zeus's child. although the idea of having Jess as Poseidon's child with attractive bright blue eyes does temp me greatly as well.. lol

Usually Fany's portrayed as a feminine, short-tempered as well as a pink-crazed girl in many stories, so I really hope to see a smart, witty, calm and intelligent Fany at least for once, so my choice is her being Apollo's or Athena's or even Artemis's child

For Taeyeon, everything about her just scream Hades's child to me, and I also agree that badass Taeng is freaking hot lol

I want to recommend the position of being Demeter's child to Sunny, she's warmth as sunshine, she's like a ball of positive energy that encourages everyone to be joyful and happy to people, so why not her? :P
xXMGZ13Xx #7
OMG YESSSSSS PLEASE. I've loved Greek/Roman mythology since discovering PJ and Heroes of Olympus when I was much younger. Currently studying Classical Studies and it's only made me interested in Ancient history and mythology even more. I was subscribed to a Demi God AU Taengsic fic a year ago but it was never updated since. I'd love to read your take on a Percy Jackson AU. I'm sure it'll do well as much as your other fics. I reckon Jessica would fit best as a child of Hades or Poseidon, Taeyeon as the child of Zeus, Tiffany as the child of Demeter, Yoona as the child of Aphrodite, Yuri as the child of Apollo, Seohyun as the child of Athena, Hyoyeon as the child of Ares, Sooyoung as the child of Hermes and Sunny as the child of Dionysus. Also, I agree with making Taengsic badass, especially if it were Jessica.

Since I would wish for Jessica to be the most powerful of them, I'd rather he to be the daughter if either Hades or Poseidon rather than Zeus. Zeus may be the king of the gods but that doesn't other gods are more powerful than him. In terms of authority then I guess so but if its each gods powers? I don't think so. Hades instills fear and rules over the dead. Death is the primary fear of most people. Being the god of subterranean regions gives him quite a control over the Earth. Poseidon controls 2/3 of the Earth as the God of the sea, earthquakes, etc. Zeus is still a very powerful god but personally, his domain doesn't extend to the same level as Hades or Poseidon. Of course that is all personal opinion so yea...
Taeyeon would fit well as Zeus as she's the leader of the group, tries her best to maintain order and all that. Plus a badass Taeng would be good for the story just like how she is in your other fics.
Yea I'm not too sure about Tiffany either. I think she'll fit as the daughter of Apollo or Aphrodite. Maybe she could be one of the huntresses of Artemis?

I reckon my choice for the rest of the girls are pretty solid, most of it is pretty self-explanatory.
_heny_ #8
Taeyeon- A daughter of Hades, but I think she fits romans well, so maybe daughter of Pluto.
Jessica- A daughter of Zeus, she's so powerfull and being daughter of Zeus she would be sooo badass, but I also like her as an Athena daughter, she could be like a big sister to Seohyun, that could be soo cute.
Sunny- She can be an Apollo daughter. because she is a ball of sunshine and you know god of the sun, sunny....., and you can make her roman. Or a daughter of Dionysus.
Tiffany- A daughter of Apollo probably.
Hyoyeon- She is definitely a daughter of Ares.
Yuri- I also like her as a Poseidon daughter.
Sooyoung- She is a truly an Hermes child, puting pranks on everyone.
Yoona- She is doubtlessly an Aphrodite daughter, or you can make her a Venus child.
Seonhyun- I think everyone agrees that she's an Athena daughter, being super smart, and as I said before if Jessica is also a daughter of Athena they can have a sisters relationship.

By the way I love Percy Jackson and I love how you writte, so I'm anticipating a lot.
Slydragon14 #9
I loved the Percy Jackson series!!! I read all the books from both the first and second series. For Tiffany I think she should be a child of Aphrodite. The cabin interior is basically all pink so I feel like she would be ecstatic in there haha. I actually feel like she shares a few traits with Piper, like being very protective and caring of friends. Our Manager Hwang. And Tiffany is pretty eloquent and convincing with her words, so she can have the power of Charmspeak as well :3 I'm also Jessica and Taengsic bias. My favorite god/powers in the book was always Zeus with Athena being a close second, so hope one of them could be a child of Zeus/Jupiter! Really cant wait for this series!!
I think Taeyeon fits into the roman thing (Jupiter's daughter), just cause the roman counterpart of the greek gods are more fiery and charismatic and more warlike. So like they're tougher than when the gods are in their greek form. That way I think it would be easier for you to create and build Taeyeon's character how you want it to be. I would be looking forward to this tho!!! :))
laura13 #11
Jessica- aphrodite / Venus
Taeyeon- Zeus(Júpiter)
Yoona- Apolo/ Aphrodite
Sooyoung- Hermes
Hyo- Hermes
Tiffany- Aphrodite/Dermeter
Sunny- Dionisio
Taeyeon,Seohyun and Yoona could be romans
[deactivated] #12
wowowow this is so cool omgg
azusawaakira #13
i think sooyoung must be hermes because she's so playful, jesica probably zeus because she's so bossy and her atitude kinda maches, seohyun just athena, taeyeon as hades daughter probably cool, hyoyoen matches ares well, sunny haspatheus maybe/?, tiffany kinda hard for me to choose maybe aphrodite with yoona/?, yuri is poseidon because she like swimming too
yuutoo #14
Sunny helios, tiffany apolo haha
yuutoo #15
Hyoyeon as war god, i don't know if it's ares or what but with her character i think it will suit her