Update on my cat! (Good news!)

Thanks to everyone that's sent kind words to me on my last post about my cat.  For those of you that didn't know, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer that has a known history of spreading quickly.  It was a very rough time for me and many of you offered kind words and generous strength!

A month since, she's undergone another preventative surgery and has had several tests completed to identify the spread.  I'm happy to announce that, as of January, she has a very clean bill of health!  No spreading of cancer cells anywhere in her body!  That's not to say it won't happen in the future for sure but, at the moment, we've minimized the likelihood of it returning to the bare minimum.

Having gone through this, I've already grieved for her eventual parting.  I feel like, because this has happened, I've somehow gotten some of the sad stuff out of the way so that I can really treasure her in her golden months, years, however long she still has with me before she'll leave me.  I'll be destroyed then, as I nearly was when I found out about the diagnosis, but now I know that I've done everything I could possibly have to prolong her a happy life.  When that time comes, maybe it will help me cope.

For now, she's healthy!  That's all really any of us pet owners can ask for!

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