Confused AF.

Hi, hey!

To whoever gets to see this, I hope you get to read most of the things that I'd say.

So apparently... I've been in this kind of chat thingy, I'm there for roleplaying (although most of the time, our lives outside the world we built gets involved into it) and came across these two persons that I've been chatting for a while now. Let's just name the first guy J, he's been talking to me a little longer than the second guy, who we can call as M.

For J, I'm not sure... I'd say... he's sweet, nice, very considerate, and weird. I liked him for all those traits. Although our conversation, well, simple when it comes to normal things... Let's just say that we're just a little more interested to talk about, uh... ual things...? He does treat me all nice and like I'm someone to be protected all the time though. These days, I've been talking a little less with him though, but I feel a little bad for being too busy since the only place I can contact him is there. And as for M, he's caring, sweet and all those great things. We can get a little ual at times, a little flirty and all. Our converations aren't that dead, he does have a lot of things up in his sleeves. He's just really nice. I really like them both, if that's a possible thing to say.

Idk, I'm just really confused. I'm torn between the two of them. They're both really nice and genuine. I just know it. I love talking to them and I'm somehow afraid of losing one of them. I don't know, I am just so, so lost and confused...


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