I hate my school. They fudging harassed my girlfriend. And ruined her day.

So, today our schedule was altered. So our class time was different. We have an extra hour, for remediation purposes. Every Friday, this happen. And I have different classes than Dynasty does. So like usual, I gave her a hug, but Mrs. Jackson caught me and said "That's a write up". I walked out, pissed at her and myself. Dynasty didn't do anything. So the fact the we both got written up- wait did I say written up? I meant a formal warning. When we went back to homeroom, I was almost crying. Then she walked in and was crying. Our good friend Alyssa to her to the bathroom. And when I say crying, I mean CRYING. I walked out, ofc I couldn't go in, but I did what I could from the outside. We went to another teacher's room and comforted her there. Two teachers scrambled to get our team teachers. They walked in after a bit, and closed the door. Mrs. Wood, the only teacher her and I have respect for now, was consoling her. And the other three walked in, no mercy, being es. After hearing some of some of the bull, Mrs. Wood left. She knew good and well. And they lowkey verbally harassed her. She was already crying really hard non-stop, and they just kept on and on. With no care. AND ALL OF THIS TIME WHILE SHE WAS CRYING, WE THOUGHT WE WERE GETTING WRITTEN UP. THEY WAITED UNTIL AFTER THE FACT THAT SHE WAS DONE CRYING, WHICH WAS FOR MORE THAN 15 MINUTES STRAIGHT, TO TELL HER THAT IT WASN'T A WRITE UP, JUST A FORMAL WARNING. I DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL SHE TOLD ME, WHICH WAS A BIT AGO.


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Silly_whale #1
I hate these crusty- teacher who think their the and that teaching is below them
That’s messed up!
That’s horrible.