Blog #3: 3/1/18

So firstly i want to apolgise for yesterday's blog. It was topics i really didnt want to speak about but i couldn't keep to myself, due to the rage that burned within. Not necissarily about Baekhyun and the fa, more so about Youtube drama.

But Today's Blog will be different, It's happier!

My dogs climbed into my bed with me this morning due to the high speed winds of strom Elanor. They fell alseep quickly and it was very cute.

I basically spent my entier day getting ready for school tomorrow which is kinda stressing me out (back to 16 travel and tourism lessons a week, not fun).

I've become quite the alcholic. I've been drinking cider for the past week on and off. i have a crate of 10, that i'm half way through.Yes, parents know, no they don't care, i only drink when they are around and i limit myself to one can then night i drink.

i finally get to see my boyfriend after not seeing him at all after the 23rd. It kills me not seeing him for this long. (I'm quite attached due to self confidence issues and the fact that he pushes me to do things, like facing my anxeity,  but will stop when he sees it's becoming too much)

We have Nineteen days till my Appoinment with ANDY (Anxiety and Depression in Young people) So I'm kinda nervous....

Well, that's the update for today! Much love guys!

Let me know how your new years resolutions are coming along down in the comments! 2018 CAN OUR YEAR GUYS!

-KJK xxx


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awww your dogs sound so cute <3 what are their names/breeds?

it's totally okay to drink, but maybe it would be good if you asked yourself why you're drinking: is it emotional; are you bored, or do you just like how the cider tastes?

I hope you and your bf have a fun date/meeting, and I hope your appointment and classes go well! :)