Logan Paul Suicide Forest.....SO ING PISSED RN

Hey everyone as you know I love Anime and do research on japan 

That includes researching the suicide forest or Aokigahara  aka the Sea of Trees

Suicide forestis where many committed suicide at the base of Mount Fuji

Even back hen thousands of years ago Samurai would commit suicide 

And to this day students, adults, and many teens commit suicide there

Japan has a high suicide rate 

Now I wanna visit Suicide Forest cuz I love to make the morbid look beautiful through art and poetry 

Death can be beautiful 


But ing Logan Paul 

He uploads a video

A vlog going into suicide forest 

He finds a dead body of a man who has hung himself 

He uses it as click bait 

He jokes about standing next to a dead body and his friends do as well 

And the only thing they do is blur the dead man's face out

Only after they get out the forest and call the police 

The police actually explained they have gone into restricted areas and every youtube reaction I have seen 

And knowing Logan Paul and the type of person he is knew and went in for views 

Yeah he explains about getting help good on that 

But you don't joke about a dead body 

You don't joke about standing by one

You don't think about yourself in that situation 

You don't laugh in that situation 


Cuz death and suicide isn't funny


I have attempted suicide twice 

It's not a laughing matter 

Suicide forest is a place of death and beauty 

And Logan Paul has not only made an of himself 

He basically made the forest seem like a pathetic  Joke


If u r contemplating on killing yourself don't 

Get help 

You are not alone 

You can talk to me 

Talk to any reliable friend 

Or call any of the suicide organizations that help people


That's the end pls if u have any comments or thoughts lemme know 



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hello. this is enchantrash.
logan paul has been really hideous and idiotic for a very long time.
he insulted the reported that interviewed him and i am not shocked about this stunt he pulled.
i do not get how he has fans.