Opinions on Love Triangles?

So, like the title, what are your opinions on love triangles? I'm honestly curious because I've seen a lot of people say that they hate them, and a few that said that they like them. Will you stop reading a story if you find that there's a love triangle in it? What parts of a love triangle makes you hate it so much? Is it because they're cliche and overused? Your least favorite scenarios w/ love triangles? Just tell me anything about them, haha. 

I personally like them if they're executed nicely, but that's pretty rare. 
(but you know, it'll also be nice if for all the female OC's out there who have a guy as a close friend to have a purely platonic relationship, and the guy friend doesn't fall in love with her... because honestly, the best-friend-turned-lover-but-you-don't-choose-the-best-friend-because-of-the-mysterious-new-hot-guy-that-you-just-met-has-a-better-relationship-than-a-best-friend-you've-had-for-years-since-heck-he's-your-friend-and-you-only-see-him-as-a-friend kind of love triangles are the worst triangles, in my opinion.)

And then again, building onto the base question, what are your opinions on squares and pentagons and hexagons and (maybe?) octogons? Like, more the merrier? I don't get those very much when there's just too many love interests. 

Friendly discussion please. :)


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I don’t like them. I’m sure there are a nice stories out there executed well but in general, they just . I hate the idea of one person needing to choose love between two people who just love them soooooo much. It’s kinda creepy, it makes me feel super uncomfortable and I usually can’t stand how characters in such story is made up to revolve purely and only around the main character they love. There is nothing interesting to a love triangle in terms of plot, characters or ... literally anything. Absolutely nothing. And I really don’t think any story containing a love triangle could be interesting. I also dislike all other kind of geometric figures if the purpose remains “one character that is loved romantically by many people so now they must choose one.”
On the flip side, however, I love polyamorous relationships in fics but I guess it’s because people in those relationships openly say “I love more than one person” and never has to choose. I just ... don’t like the pining, the choosing, the jealousy of a love triangle. >.<
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I don't really read much oc fics (meaning practically nothing at all ) but I've read some swell slash love triangles. As a whole, I'm not a huge fan and I do perfer harmed but oi-if it's well done, I don't mind giving it a try at all
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Just like you, I enjoy them if they're done well. Though it's cliche that the second male lead syndrom is always a best friend or childhood friend and whatnot lol, I don't mind it AS LONG as the plot is nice, I mean you can make the plot so interesting, the back story won't even be a problem. I usually like it when the third party just blow up somehow due to the OC finding the hot guy that suddenly appeared everything to her and shuts him off, but then again, I only found one story that managed to pull that off for me. I enjoy harems as well, but ofc only if the plot and characters are constructed well. I usually enjoy comedy in harems or pentagons, hexagons and whatnot. I can't really handle 'serious' harem, yknow ones that's taken like serious love. I prefer comedy harem, and that's really what drives me to like them. Unless the story is more about, let's say mystery, and then the author just adds a bit of romance, then it'd be fine for me if it's harem (PROBABLY IT WILL) it also depends on how many dudes are there, but what matters the most is that the focus is not in the romance, but the mystery, the plot (if we're talking about serious ones). The more the merrier isn't really a thing for me XD It doesn't matter how many dudes you put in the equation if the plot just . The only kind of love triangle or hexagon and such that I dislike would be ones that have the female OC absolutely bland, dull as fudge and COMPLETELY helpless, and the story just doesn't go anywhere. I personally enjoy polyamory and such, but the scene that I ABSOLITELY dislike is when the OC is kissed by THE TWO OR THREE DUDES AT ONCE. Like literally all their lips just mushed together. Even if one guy takes the left side of the lips and the other one on the right, I mean, their lips touch and get--mushed! ;v;
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Personally, I do not enjoy reading stories with love triangles and DEFINITELY DO NOT LIKE love squares, pentagons.... etc. ///goes into comatose from the rage just thinking about this LOL//.

That being said, love triangles are definitely not a deal-breaker. I can bear with it and read the story until the end, even if the premises of the love triangle usually irks me. I think the event of a love triangle happening is pretty commonplace in real-life.

Reasons why I don't like love triangles:
-Like you've said, the third party is almost always female OC's best friend from childhood or something like that, who falls in love with female OC. Female OC, for some reason, does not like him at all, even though he's perfect in every single way (usually the case), which, pardon my french, seems like pure and utter bull. Especially if the destined lead guy is a jerk. Trust me, in real life, if anyone had a male best friend that declared their undying love and looked and acted like most of these childhood best friends that are written in these stories, the guy would be accepted in a heartbeat and girl would be hell-bent on making sure he doesn't run away once he figures out how psychotic she is. That being said, I think it's very hard to not be attuned to other people's emotions, especially if they're close friends with you. So I find it hard to believe that people don't realize that their best friend is in love with them or something like that.
-In the event of female OC liking the second lead that's the BFF but he says no thank you, but then she falls in love with the male lead (usually a jerk tbh), but then the BFF realizes he likes the girl after all... I don't think anyone can be that oblivious to their own feelings unless they're going through a rough patch in their life and that's the last thing on their mind (i.e. dating).
-In the event of the second lead dating someone else but then realizing he likes female OC, I just... no matter the reason... please see the above two points.

I don't think I'm missing any cliches? Or those are the most common ones.

When would a love triangle be interesting/okay? Well:
-Two best friends falling for the same person who is equally nice to the two of them. It does happen more often than people think, I would like to think.
-Two people who don't get along very well somehow fall for the same person. There's a saying that like sometimes repels like, so it's probable that the two individuals end up somehow liking the same person because of similar tastes.

Yea, you can say I'm not a big fan of love triangles. My more recent stories don't feature them and I don't think I plan on writing any that feature them in the near future. I have searched every inch of my brain and that's all I can say for {my idea of } acceptable love triangles LOL.