Indefinite Hiatus

Dear, my precious readers, 

I only logged on here now because I've been down. Really, really down since Jonghyun was gone. He is my SHINee bias and his passing affected me and it hits home because of my anxiety and depressive tendencies. 

I will be having an indefinite hiatus. Maybe I'll start posting again in January 2018. I just need a break. I cannot concentrate right now. Think of this hiatus as my Holiday break. I will be back, I promise you all.

I already posted about this on my Tumblr, sorry I only post this here now. 

For the people waiting for a DIAMOND update, please be patient with me. My depressive tendencies heightened because of Jonghyun's parting. Thank you for understanding.

If, like me, you're also sad about Jonghyun, you can message me if you wanna talk. I will totally reply and be there for you. :)


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