Roleplay Partner wanted!

Hey! Im just looking for someone who would like to roleplay with me, I'm currently just really bored and need something to get my creative juice flowing again. Joining an RP is more of a hassle now a days so I'm just looking for one on one thing. I would really like someone who would like to get plotting out of the box ( think more impovising)

I mostly currently rp as Dylan O'brien, J.seph and Jaejoong, a bottom, so I'm looking for someone who would like to top. I dont really have a perfence to who I would like to rp with, pretty much open to anyone, be it an idol or an inertnational celeb.

Platforms I use: Kakao, Line or FB messnger  

My timezone is GMT-4, we don't have to be the same timezone but it makes things easier. I'm an open person so if you would like to rp with me, just send me a pm or comment down below and i'll pm you instead, we can talk ideas and go further into detail there.



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Hey, is this still or nah?