As an ELF, I'm disappointed

No this isn't about me being disappointed in Super Junior. I'll never be disappointed with them. They're forever my bias group. But... I am however disappointed in a small yet annoying bunch of EunHae shippers on twitter. There's a reason why...

They're attacking any person that ships Donghae or Hyukjae with a girl and unnecessarily attempting to start a fanwar (they're failing but... it's still annoying).

Honestly I could be silent about this but.... as someone that ships DaraHae and HaeHyuk/EunHae.... I'm disappointed. I can't be silent because I feel as if I'm in the middle of the whole thing. Anytime someone posts something, they're quoting the tweet and saying about the one who posted it and the pairing itself. Seriously guys.... a majority of ELF is already working and have careers of their own... a lot of ELF are already adulting (aka working, paying their own bills, possibly focusing on their own families, etc). We should already be past this fanwar !

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is entitled to ship whoever they want... whether it's platonic or romantic. Words like "homophobic" should not be thrown around. And calling people "delusional" for a ship... wake up. ALL SHIPPERS ARE DELUSIONAL. Shipping couples is part of the fun of being part of the fandom. It's the ones that can't tell the difference between their own delusions and real life is the problem.

As an avid kpop fan... as an avid ELF... as an avid DaraHae Royal... I beg you....

Please respect everyone for their ship. Don't start fanwars because of ships. Everyone is entitled to whatever ship they want to support. There's no right or wrong when it comes to shipping people. Some may be disturbing... some not so disturbing. All that matters is that you show respect for others. If you're talking down at a person because of what ship they support... I'm sorry but I think you really have some growing up to do. 

Thank you.

I really had to get that out of my system and I'm sick right now.... but yeah... 

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