Dead Days

Yes, i'm writing a blog. I don't know why i only started reading webtoons just now, maybe i got bored, maybe i wanted to have some inspos for my project... But this one just gave me a break on what i've been planning to do. I got to question myself, "can i create something that shows my campaign without agressively insisting my intentions?"

I recently installed LINE webtoons (i know. You're thinking 'my, this poor girl is overly outdated.' My fault since i don't do much reading for myself lately.) and i happen to read at least 2 series until i was lead into the thriller category and saw Dead Days. I've been a zombie movies and games fan for as long as i could remember, and obviously, its title is like a projector of an interview script behind a tv show, being a zombie comic series. But, the least typical one.

Many zombie movie and game creators out there had attempt on making their work a standout or at least, different than the usual zombie entertainment, but not all of them made it to the real impact's side.

For common zombie movies, i'm only happy with its concept as an era of survival... Thinking if it really happens in the end (though i strongly believe will never even be likely) but that's only how i fantasize things, what would i do, what will others do? How i make the house so safe, no zombie could enter, or how can i forage for food in grocery stores with no weapon? I may be wierd, but zombie survival stories are all what i've been dreaming literally in my sleep, and wierder, i don't find it as a nightmare, in fact i hate waking up without having to see it through the end and later on day dream of what it could've been.

Dead Days is different. Though it may still be zombies that eat people, with a twist of its own, of course, but it does have its own game. And nailed it perfectly. It reflects the real problems of this world so clearly, that one would think "i hope there are better ways to solve them." Lots of metaphors, perspectives and good punches toward the self-centeredness of the society (you'll understand what im talking if you've read it). Importance of family, people's cravings for money, thirst for power, endless corruption, influence of the mass media, and responses to free information... Its definitely an art of campaign.

Dey... I salute the passion, hardcore research, and fully in-born talent you've invested into Dead Days' incredible story and art -- (is there anyway it can be turned into an animation or movie??? Although i'm already satisfied with the comics, it gave nothing but the best, and most-worthy illustration after all). I wish i've read it earlier... During those days when i was the pretentiously "most happiest" girl in the world. Nevertheless, you are an inspiration to all of us, zombie fans and art enthusiasts. Your graphic powers and campaign ninja skills are the best!!!

Only real artists can make story through art and art through story.

Anyway... Just highly recommending this 61-ep webtoon series to those who are more outdated than me. Haha I actually am planning on going back as an active coder again, so hope you can still wait me out. AFF, don't die.

- jaeilhun07 out!

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