remembering brother charles 1960s-2005 La Salle Sabah




 recently i had found out my favorite teacher is still the principal because no one can teach  better english then him, even tho hes rough in the edges his lesson is not seriously forgetton, i remembred how  strict he was. when i was around 11 i  forget my text book he use to slam my table "  RESIN!, where's you're textbook!" he known my family have generations on this school. i was the only japanese student in sabah growing up locally and uninamously hated at that time because i was a jap and had the patients to do so. i was sadden when i found out he died at the age of 89' its normal that this legendary  inquisition of sabah  passed on another life. thank you brother charles your endless education in english made me speak in english better then anyone elses here.  

i'm upset that i cant seriously thanked you of all your knowledge that you bestowed upon me all i can is to pray for your soul.  i cried so hard the day that you died, i was already in japan telling stories about you when i was away at that time, i'm sorry that i cant attend everyday mass when you know me personally brother,  thank you for all you did, established school after world war 2.  

Your endless contribution to sabah will never be forgetton. 


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