teleportationau: Where Do I Go Next?


Wanna see Kai with faulty teleportation skill who wants to save his world? Check out:


Title: Where Do I Go Next?


Kai, a 6-year-old kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth, wishes to have teleportation skills on his 7th birthday. They say, be careful of what you wish for.

Now, a 22-year-old Kai finds himself shopping endlessly at daylight in different cities and partying at night until dawn. Life doesn't seem to have a clear purpose at this moment. Until his ability becomes faulty...

He finds himself everywhere. One day he's in Italy, and then next, he's in Taiwan. He doesn't plan going to these places at that time. Given the circumstance, he looks for reasons why his ability started to malfunction.

It doesn't stop there. His ability to teleport became faultier when he spends just an hour in an unfamiliar place then moves onto the next one. Along his journey, he finds a girl who only has one purpose in life - to die.

"You're saying that your purpose now in life is to die?" Kai groaned. He hasn't met anyone who said that their purpose in life is just to die. "You just don't live to die!"

"What about you, Kai? What's your purpose in life?"

"Probably, just to know where do I go next."

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