Hurricane Irma Nerves

No lie, the nerves are starting to kick in. It's been years since we got directly hit with a hurricane and with how massive Irma has become compared to our past hurricanes, the odds do not look good for us. I live in Hialeah, which is about 30 minutes inland from Miami, and we're pretty much in its direct path.

For my fellow Floridians who are dealing with this, too, please stay safe and use the time we have tomorrow to finish getting everything in your homes ready and your families prepared for what's to come, whether good or bad. If anything happens, remember to use your matresses for cover and keep a flashlight on your person at all times. Have everything charged by tomorrow night and make sure everything in your house is disconnected from the walls. Have extra flashlights, candles, batteries and battery powered appliances. Keep all of your documentation nearby (ID, SSN card, etc.) and make sure ALL the windows are covered either with plywood or metal shutters. Keep your pets nearby, make sure you buy food and water for them as well, keep leashes and collars near. And last but not least, stay close to your family, and trust and pray that everything will be okay.

Love ya and good luck! <3

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