Light night korean drama

Anyone here had watching korean drama "light night" ? 

I just finish watching this drama..  And wow.. The story is amazing... Very realistic and mature,  you'll understand if you already working or have a business in some of company..

but if you looking for a romantic,  drama,  and love.. This drama is not for you, because this drama is not mention love, fighting between good and bad or some fantastic drama that usually seen..this is about a game, a greedy people, and how about money can change anything..  Lol.. 

Anyway,  i like the 2 woman character yikyung and sejin..and i think there's something love on this 2 woman..

Here's some review taken from asianwiki..  Since i''m lazy to write again.. Lol.. 

I hope some author can make this into yulsic, taeny or yoonhuun fic.. 


This is refreshing, intricately written series. There is no fighting over a man between the two female leads. There is no two-past-lovers-trying-to-get-back-together storyline. There is, however, scheming. Lots and lots of psychological warfare over business matters. I feel like "money" should get a special spot in the credits because this drama revolves around it so heavily. And each of the three main characters values it differently.

For Seo Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won), money is power. In her quest to build her own business empire and trample her exiled father's former friends, this ambitious and stoic woman can't acquire enough of it. Lee Se-Jin (Uee) is a hardworking, street-smart girl trying to make ends meet. She's fed up with being poor and the treatment she receives because of it, and decides to climb her way up the social ladder. She manages to catch the eye of Yi-Kyung, who not only becomes her mentor but also her friend. Meanwhile, for Park Gun-Woo (Jin Goo), money are the shackles that bind him to his father's corporation. He's disgusted by the power struggle within his family and would've much rather spent his time abroad, just playing the guitar without a care in the world...

I really, really love this drama. It's a fascinating character study of three people who all want different things in life, but suddenly have to reconsider. Where will Yi-Kyung's quest for power end? Will Se-Jin follow down her path, or will she oppose her? And what will Gun-Woo do with his life?

Regarding the ending of the drama (no spoilers, I promise), I can only say that each character got what they deserved. It was a fitting and mature way to end the drama - hats off for that. Apart from the emotional complexity of the writing, I also have to praise the acting, particularly that of Lee Yo-Won. Even though her role requires her to keep a stoic face through most of her scenes, she subtly manages to convey her emotions (especially through her eyes). Another thing I enjoy about this drama is the fashion. Yi-Kyung's style is incredibly classy (hello, fuchsia-colored business suit), whereas Se-Jin's outfits give her an edginess that really matches her personality. The filming locations are top-notch as well, which makes this drama visually pleasing to watch.

To sum things up: "Night Light" is high in complexity, both regarding the corporate setting as well as the emotional ties between the characters. Where other shows deal in absolutes, this drama has its protagonists switching sides at will or choosing entirely independent positions of their own. This essentially makes them rather unpredictable, and keeps the attentive viewer on their toes. 10/10


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I really need a fanfic about these 2 women's weird sort of love stuff that they lowkey have, istg it's driving me insane bc I ship them so bad lmfao😂😂 apparently I'm not the only one that noticed that there was more than friendship since the beginning... I'm very glad lol