Reality vs Imagination - EXO

I have heard about the rumors and trash floating about our boys and I have closed my ears and heart to it all!!! I believe that EXO will ALWAYS be one!! Yes, the boys were, are and will always be a great collaboration onstage, but, offstage, they are FAMILY!!! The stage does not restrict their friendship, love and admiration of each other. They are respectful of the choices that individual members have had to make, even if they disagreed, but their disagreements never stopped the love they showed each other. Yeah, I believe they fought and sure, it may have even become physical at times. They live VERY stressful lives and YOU try and stick 12 type A  MALE personalities in a compressed atmosphere and see if sparks don't fly!! Hell, even GIRLS cat fight!!! Anyway, I believe that the boys of EXO keep in CLOSE contact with each other; closer that we think AND have the right to know about!!! They deserve to have loving personal relationship with each other OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE after all that they have gone through. They formed intricate bonds that we have no right to interfer with, judge or sever.


I honestly believe that in REALITY, the perfoming 9 talk frequently to the family 3. They discuss songs, family activity, the weather, politics and just about any other thing that you can think of that good friends talk about. They catch up on the latest happenings, talk about hobbies, cry if they don't feel good, emotionally or even physically. They are just like you and I. When Sehun calls Luhan, they discuss everything they can; Luhan probably teases Sehun about his lacking Chinese verbal name it!! Suho or Yixing probably give Kris a loving lecture about his health and newest career moves and EVERYONE gushes about EVERYTHING to our favorite wushu master!! When they are about to release their music, they give each other heads up and personally ask for support and get a "pat on the back" and congratulations from the other family members. They didn't just "abandon" each other, y'all. Come on, fans. Show some common sense. They have been together too long to do that. They truly grew up together, seeing each other through the good times and bad as young boys and now young men. They clung to each other as young boys away from their families pursuing their dreams. They fought hard, performed fantastically and pushed each other....PULLED each other and clawed their way to the top of the performance charts on sheer determination and teamwork. What makes anyone think that because their paths career-wise may have diverged that their bond is gone? Anyone here have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or cousins or just really good, tight family friends who have left the "family" unit to pursue their dream OR make a hard call to better their life?? Same concept, folks.........same concept, save its' in the public judgemental eye!! They are the best of friends and will always be FAMILY!!!


Now my IMAGINATION takes on a whole new view!!! :D I dream that EXO is still one in the physical!! The OTP12 stand strong and promise to stay together forever!! The boys aren't short sighted, They know that a musical career would never last forever, so they started making shrewd investments and projections for their future after the glamour and glitz; purchasing or establishing companies and properties. Finally, no matter how hard he tried, Kris' health became a major concern. He really just couldn't take it anymore and, at his doctor and family's requests, he decided to retire, only doing solo projects as he feels interested. To keep him close and after a LOT of thinking, even before Kris officially stopped, all the members focused a huge parcel of land they acquired away from the city. In secret talks and activities before the news broke, the boys had a house built on part of the land for Kris. The boys' families and friends all rallied around them and helped distract the stupid media and saesang fans from the project. When Luhan and Tao started yearning for much needed freedom, they all decided to build separate houses for each couple; a project which is still going on today. Today, Luhan and Tao are the proverbial housewives that take care of the homefront and Kris is overseeing the building projects and protecting Tao and Luhan. The two don't drive, so Kris chauffeurs them everywhere and watches over them closely because no one s with Kris.....NO ONE!!!! They have their occassional musical releases, fan interactions and still enjoy being musicians, but on an easier scale. Their popularities as single artists is still through the roof, but on a level and schedule that is healthier, As scheduling allows it, all the members meet up in either Luhan's home or Kris and Tao's home and spend time together, laughing, loving and just chilling as family. Kris takes time to walk the others through the buildings and points out the progress, garnering feedback and wishes from the other nine. Of course Sehun and Luhan discuss tweaks to their home to accomodate future plans for when Sehun tires of the road. Tao is on birth control and when Sehun decides to join them, he will stop because he and Luhan want to get pregnant and start families together. Baekhyun, Xuimin, Kyungsoo and Lay hold their secret wishes for family at bay. Yes, life will always bring them joy!!

Yes, my EXO world is REALITY or my IMAGINATION!!!

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