the last of us .||. Sam Yerim .||. telekinetic



  삼 예림  : Irene 

birthname. Sam Yirin

– Sami :: explanation

date of birth. January 22, 1997 (20)
birthplace. Seoul, South Korea
ethnicity. Korean
language spoken. 

– Korean :: Mother language
– literally every language that exists :: if Sami hears someone thinking in a language she can tell what they are thinking, but she cant if they speak it, only think it. 


   all about you

personality traits.  (+) Sweet, very respectful, creative
(-) Timid, jumpy, not street smart



Sami is actually a sweet young girl, people just dont give her the time to show it. She cares about people a`round her and she hates when people disrespect the nature around them. She is a little bit of a hippy child in ways that she wants to protect the earth and the animals on it. She also is incredibly respectful of people, including her elders. She doesnt talk back or cause fights and she hates when others fight. 
Sami is easily frightened. Someone walking up behind her and talking to her could get her to jump. She doesnt like big crowds of people so she tends to stay by herself most of the time. When people are loud or she is in a loud room she starts panicking and looks for a way out. While she is rather smart in the classroom she has all but no skills with people. She never knows what to say to people or how to approach new people. 


Sami didnt start speaking until she was almost three years old. Her parents didnt know why and they didnt know what to do to make her talk. They took her to see specialists but no one knew why she wasnt speaking. She just didnt want to is all. 
As a young girl, Sami thought everyone heard thoughts. The voices were always there for her so why not for others? She just assumed that people didnt want to talk back with her so they ignored her. 
Besides that she had a relitivly normal childhood. Perfect grades and never a single fight to adate so her parents were happy. All that changed though. 
When Sami was thirteen a boy at school was picking on her. She wanted him to stop but he wouldnt. She didnt know what she was doing but she was going to make him stop. She ended up giving him a brain anurisma nd a . No one could prove she had done anything but it was enough to make all the other kids afraid of her. 
A group of girls aa year above her came after her one day and they ended up in the hospital too. By then the rumors were too much for her parents. They took her out of school and put her in a new one. She started at a new school nine times in the span of a year and a half. 
Just before her fifteenth birthday her parents had a talk. They didnt know what to do but there was something wrong with her, that was clear. They ended up taking her to an assylum for the insaine and left her there. 
While she was there she had multiple forms of 'therapy'. Ice baths, sweat boxes and they even tried starvation but nothing was appearing to help her so the doctors tried one last thing. They were desparate and Sami came from a wealthy family, they wanted her to be a sucess. 
While electroshock therapy is leagal doctors didnt use it anymore. Sami just happened to be a special case. She had two sessions with no responce. During the third session something happened.
The surviving doctors say that it was like an invisible wave that went through the room, knocking everything down with such force the machines were shattered. The surrounding rooms were damaged too. Because the room was in the basement the support was damaged and half the building ended up falling. 
Sami was the only one who was able to walk away from it unscathed. She ended up wandering the streets until she had left the city but she didnt stop. She was exhausted, delirious and almost at a mental break down. She didnt know what she was doing nor where she was. 
Three days later she bumped into one of the spells protecting SLA. They thought she was just a lost hiker but they brought her in, patched her up and waited for her to wake up. When she did another wave burst from her but a teacher was waiting. He was able to contain it and contain the damage. 
He explained everything; what she was, where she is and that she was welcome to stay there. She didnt want to go home so she said she would stay. 
She started her classes but things did not go smooth at all. She could hear the whispers from the other students, what they were saying about her. Half the school thought she was a murderer for what she did to the doctors, that other half thoght she was a monster for how she did it. 
One day in class everyone was thinking about her and she caused everything in the room to start shaking violently. One of the students said she was going to kill them too and chaos erupted. Some students were just trying to get away, other were trying to fight her and the teacher was trying to get everyone to calm down. No one was killed but many were hurt. 
After that Sami started having class alone. She lived in a small cottege away from everyone else so she was able to live stream her classes right into her bedroom. It still wasnt far enough though, the other students' thought were still filtering out to her. 
She started working with a telekenetic the school brought in for her to try to get her to be able to control her thoughts but he left after one day, saying she was too powerful for her own good. 
Sami started taking her class work out into the woods with her just so that she could be further away from people and have some peace and quiet. The animals thoughts never entered her mind so she was at peace. That was her life for most of her school years. 
While the other students often would go home Sami didnt, from the day she came onto the campus she has yet to step off it. She was almost too afraid to leave just yet. 

   tell me more


– likes
night time
the woods
peanut butter
spicy food
large groups of people
eating around other people
– hobbies
reading in the woods with Saja
– habits
when she is worried or freaking out she goes for a walk

– facts
she talks in her sleep
she woke up to find Saja still sleeping, but floating in the air almost at the celing
when it rains she creates a little bubble around her and Saja so they wont get wet
Saja comes to class with her
she is left handed
she doesnt know how to drive
she hardly remembers living in the city
she is afraid of leaving sla
she doesnt want to travel anywhere
in her cottege there is an entire wall of books
she had never drank in her life
she cant cook to save her life
she would never tell anyone but she is afraid of herself too


Saja :: 79 cm tall 'monster' that has been roaming the woods around sla. Sami ran into her one morning and she followed Sami home. The two have been iinseperable ever since


   a little personal

what are your weaknesses. People. l...l just... l wish they would at least let me try to become their friend l really do have a lot to offer as one they are just too afraid of me
what are your strengths. l'm getting better at controlling things. l'm able to hold Saja up in the air for almost five mintues

how important are the other students at your school to you. I hsvnt made any real connections yet but I do want to help them, if I could
if you had to choose between your friend or a complete innocent stranger, who would you save. why. The total stranger, I dont have friends anymore. 

if the only to save the world called for sacrifice, what would you sacrifice. I guess anything. I dont really want to die but if it would save everyone...I dont wanna think about it. 

replace with fc 95*95
replace with love int 120*172


back up. Wonwoo

– Agressive, charming, popular, frightening

love story. 

– Once Sami started going back to classes with the other students she and Mingyu had a class together. She was in front of him and at the perfect spot for him to pick on her. 
He would throw little balls of paper at her and hope to distrct her from her work. She was able to put up something similar to a forcefeild between her and him to keep things away from her. That only bothered him more. 
Outside of class he would go out of his way to find her and bother her, never anything dangerous but he thought it was funny. 
One day she had had enough and turned to face him. Mind you she only came up to his chest but she was going to stand her ground. She told him he was being an and that he was going to stop.
They proceded to have one of the largest fights the school had seen. It ended up with Mingyu on his knees infront of Sami as he dug through her memories. She thought she hurt him so she was just frozen above him. 

After that Mingyu becomes like a body guard to Sami. He is at her front door every morning to walk her to class and he sits next to her. When ever anyone comes to talk to her he gets infront of her first. 
At first Sami was uncomfortable by it but soon she started to see it as kind. He always did his best to keep his thought quiet when he was around her too. 

status. all but strangers

   Jewel_ELF : Krissy

last words.  hello?

scenes requests.

– When what ever comes, caugh cough the beast, there is an explosian in the school. Sami si able to control it and she ends up saving most of the student body. The students are still afraid of her but they start talking to her after that.  
– here




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