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Here's a big up date of all of my current and recent activities on AFF-

Username changed from: loveinfinitesungjong -> To: lovelyfeisty

Progress of Fanfictions (Listed in the order they came out and I linked all of the titles (Click on the Blue)):
1- (MyungYeon) We Started to Fall in Love --> Unknown (The main author (My best friend) is not going to finish, so I'll write the rest.)
2- (JongStal) I Just don't Fit in --> Deleting (It barely makes sense when I read it over recently so I'll delete it.)
3- (JongStal/MyungYeon) Journey of Us --> In progress (I'm halfway through but not quite yet.)
4- (ChaNiel) I thought No One Cared --> Might delete --> (It's not what I want to write. Guys beating up a girl? Where is that from? It's not my sort of tone...)
5- (Kaihyun) The Ice's Angel --> In Progress (I started on chapter 2, but unsure if I want 1 POV or 2. You know, just Sohyun's or Sohyun's and Kai's.)
6- (MyungYeon) -TBA- --> Upcoming (My 6th Story with Woohyun and Hyomin as Jiyeon's best friends. I don't have a title for it but coming soon :))

Progress of Roleplay advertisement?
Honestly I don't know if I'll reopen my advertisement shop but most likely the case that I will not because I left so many fanfictions unupdated and I enjoy writing my fanfictions so much I'll stop advertising Roleplays as of right now.

Roleplays I'm Currently in and notes (Linked Click on the Blue):
- Go Crazy (Kim Hyuna) -It's great. Normally, I don't like crack rps, but like the title says, the rp is crazy-
- Boom Bang Island 2.0 (Kwon Sohyun) -It's fun, and the admins are really nice-
- Replay 2012 (Hyomin) -I'm the Admin here. (It says "Tomorrow" but the actual opening's after August 17th but we never got to change that). Come see if you miss the era of 2nd Generation Kpop and looking for an non-crack rp-
- Genius (Shannon Williams) -I love this RP! Everyone's so friendly here-
-->Any Rp Reccomendations? Comment Down Below!

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