Graphic Designer Appreciation Post

Yo so this is going in the alphabetical order of which of my stories have graphics :') enjoy~

A Painful Existence


This poster literally blew me away at first look because it's just perfect for A Painful Existence. When I made the request, I had something like this in mind, but couldn't sum it up. My favorite part of the poster is the rip over Sehun's eyes, which is just wonderfully perfect in so many ways.

At The Wrong End Of A Gun


The designer is one of my mothers by the way. Anyway, I think this is the first request I made at one of Mom's shops and it wasn't what I expected. It was so much better. But I think I made Mom suffer because she couldn't find Dongwoo with black hair and I was a little too specific oops-



Everything that KimRiRin designed for me have just been amazing, from this story through all the others. I like this poster so much because it's not your usual Asianfanfics design and the coloration is just wonderful (in my eyes). Also, all of the eyes are on point.

Crimson Oculorum


I think this designer deactivated? Either way, I am very fond of this poster, especially since red is the only color included. I think the typography is my favorite part of the poster, actually :')

Delicate Lies (I'm Okay)


Okay, can we just talk about what a wonderful designer Slategrey (I am probably miswriting her UN help) is? I spend way too much time just staring at this poster. Everything about it is perfect perfect perfect ;w; I especially like how everything fades into the evergreens and sky-

Dysfunctional Function


This was one of the first posters I ever requested and the story makes me cringe but I still love the poster XDDD It was what I requested, right down to the silver hair. Like has been mentioned before, I tend to be too specific for my own good :') but the designer did an amazing job even if it might seeem like a "simple" design

Empty Blood


This poster is absolutely perfect for Empty Blood and it's really what I had asked for. My favorite part is the blood spatter (don't act surprised) and the typography because it looks a m a z i n g. Or maybe my favorite part was Baekhyun? I don't know-



When she was designing here, I spammed kyunimi with requests :') Her designs never failed to please tbh. I love the fire on the word Fire and the shadowy lattice effect, those are my favorite parts~

Guns, Gangs, and Twisted Sense of Love


This was the original poster of GGTSL, but I went through a long period of block, decided to rewrite the story, and discovered that the poster just wasn't working right. While I love the design, it feels like it should be on another story. I don't know, I'm weird ;;


Speaking of designers I spam or pester... KimRiRin is one of them! Her designs are great, with and without characters, and she was the reason Shin Jineul's "symbol" became a butterfly. This is one of my favorite designs by her because of the... I don't know. It just is okay. (And look at the pretty little butterfly.)

Keeping Himself


This was the second graphic request I ever made for KimRiRin and how the butterfly thing really got started XD This poster is very suited to Keeping Himself  and I think truly portrays the feelings of the story, especially with the cracks showing on Jineul's face. Funny story, but when I first requested this design, I gave too long a quote and she had to shorten it sobs ;-;

Liberate Me


This has to be my favorite of the designs she made for me. Everything is just amazing and there is a strawberry. Yes I am biased toward anything with strawberries. <3

Like A Butterfly


I love this design so much tbh but periwinkleclouds was trying to kill me because look at Sungjong's throat it is so beautiful and no I am not weird. I'm going to stop before this becomes a Sungjong appreciation post. Anyway, I love the little flock of butterflies, just look at them on the title~

Losing The Sun


Another design by Mom! I love the falling snow so much, it just looks amazing tbh ;; Also, there's a random butterfly :') Anyway, the character images used are very much perfect for LTS and I love them so much :D

Love You, Like You


I really love this poster because of the gorgeous foliage. I really just adore plants tbh :') Also, the image used for Myungsoo is adorable. Anyway, this poster was actually a free premade design but I thought why not include it in the post?



This poster captures the themes and sort of colors (does that even make sense-) of Monster perfectly. Soft blue grays with red oranges. It makes sense to me. Xiumin is a cutie pie. There's a scraggly tree. I love this poster.

My Last Romeo


Yet another very talented designer. This poster is just too amazing sobs. It has all of the elements I requested, and the designer put their own spin on it to make it look like nothing I'd imagined, in a good way. I was pretty amazed when I saw the poster for the first time :')

My Love, My Pain, My Lifeline


This poster is just beyond beautiful. All of the elements of the poster are arranged and executed well, and just look at her eyes - tell me she doesn't look evil XDD Also, the typography is just 100%???



One of the reasons I love the poster for Reset so much is the red leaves. Another is how you can sometimes look over Jineul, almost like he's a ghost - which is a good thing, considering the storyline of Reset. It's truly a wonderful poster ;w;

Saving My Unknown Father


She was freaking out over which image of Lisa she used for Nayeon but this one was one of the ones I actually had in mind XD The clocks in the background just tie in the concept of time travel and then we have Taehyung. That boy looks like an alien by nature anyway. (k i d d i n g... or am I?)

Stained Purity, Bleeding Innocence


This poster is still one of my favorites even after so long. From typography to texturings to colorings to characters, I've loved it since I first saw it. She said she wasn't good with multi-character posters after finishing the design but I call bull - this is amazing and it always has been.



Is this not one of the cutest posters you've ever seen? Just- it is so cute- the font's cute, the characters are cute, the strawberries are cute, it's all cute. I love this poster because it's so frickin cute :D

The Contract


This poster really gets that feel across <3 I'm particularly fond of its single color, red, mixed with white and black. Yaya~ Anyway, insert mushiness over Xing's artwork heree~

The Division


(Ten points if anyone can tell me the symbolism of the roses, the locket, and the butterfly.) Cough. Anyway, this is another design from KimRiRin who I bother too much. I asked her to include the roses, locket and butterfly in place of characters and look how wonderful it is! This poster has to be one of my favorites ;w;

The Lees, The Lees, and The Nams


This is a gorgeous, adorable poster for such a horrible story XD It's just what I asked for, and poor Woohyun. He just looks confused.

The Mortifer House


Tbh I love this poster. It does really have a movie poster-ish feel to it, which is nice~ I hope to have the applyfic up soon, but until then I'll just stare at this poster okay?

The Second World


Easily the cheesiest design I ever requested :3 This poster pretty much displays the ridiculous nature of TSW. And the cheese, let's remember that :3

The Woohyun Catastrophe


And here we have a Woohyun. He was turned into a cat.Tbh the cat is the best part of the poster :') Followed by Kibum who is half in half out of his jacket. I love this poster, it never fails to make me smile ^^

They Call It 'Soulmates'


Ya know what, she just got added to my list of people I pester XD This poster is very cute and fluffy but at the same time comical, and it just captures the aura of the wonderful soulmates Kris and Tao. It's pastel blue and pink which are my favorite shades (except hot pink but that's not in posters) and I may or may not have squealed when I saw it for the first time.

Woohoo, we've reached the end.

And I just realized...

Most of my stories with posters are drafted >.>

I also need to request posters for the rest of my stories DX


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You help designers with the creation of your poster tho, your storylines are lit.

/whispers 'is it going to be an update or is going to be a new story?'/ HAHAHAHAHAHA ♡

but everyone else's are so damn amazing, no w I want to write more so I can get graphics from them
Holy I'mso applying for Mortimer House
I love kimririn's designs! Does she have a shop?
this kimririn person is amazing where can i poke her abt designs for future stories