BTS Theory!

I've had this theory for a while now, guys. Ever since the Wings short films honestly, but recently the Jin Diary posted by Big Hit really connected some important dots in my theory. I don't know if anyone else has talked about this, seeing as I personally do not go around looking into other's theories and stuff, but I thought this was too good to not share.

So, you all know how in Run Suga and Jungkook had a huge fight. I think that is why in I need U Jungkook was really out of it wandering around the alleys and stuff, and he walked out into the street and was hit by a car. And in Suga's short film for Wings, it shows him struggling with the guilt of having fought with Jungkook in his last moments. Guys, Kookie is dead, and everyone feels guilty about it. J-Hope, who's already struggling with depression tries to commit suicide and is institutionalized in the same mental ward as Jimin, who was checked in by, guess who, Jungkook, after he had a break in his psyche because he is schizophrenic. That's why Jungkook and Suga were fighting. Suga wanted to keep Jimin home and not send him to a mental hospital. Taehyung, he has anger management problems and is also living with an abusive father with his sister/mother(?). He comes home after Jungkook's funeral and is so distraught already that when he sees his father beating his sister/mother in a drunken rage, he too becomes enraged and kills him on accident. He then goes on the run and is later caught by the police. In Tae's short film he tries to call his hyung, who doesn't answer. At first I thought he was calling Jin, but he was actually calling Namjoon because the last time he and Jin saw each other, which was the party in I need U, they had a huge fight which was depicted in the Japanese Mv for Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and he thought Jin hated him. But, Namjoon didn't make it to the phone or missed the call, not sure why yet. So now, Taehyung feels completely alone and abandoned.

Quick Summary-

-Jungkook died in a car accident in I Need U
-Suga feels responsible for Kookie's Death
-Jimin is Schizo and J-Hope is severely depressed and are both in the same hospital
-I think J-Hope might later kill himself, it's not quite clear yet, but I'm unsure because in Jimin's short film it shows him pillow fighting with no one (J-Hope hallucination) -V is a murderer and feels abandoned by the only people who ever truly loved him
-Jin and V had a huge fight at the party in I Need U, which is show in Jap MV of BST
-Namjoon is in the wind along with Suga and Jin at this point because they're the only ones alive/'free' but they are alone and miserable

I think Spring Day was the closer of them spiritually connecting later on, but it also shows the members together after all this tragedy, and the shoes are Jungkook's, I think, and they symbolize his passing.


I no longer think that Jungkook is dead because I do believe that 'I Need U' all the way through 'Love Yourself' is all connected, and just one big story line that is being told in fragments, and out of order. In fact, I'm unsure if any of the members are dead anymore. But, we'll just have to wait and see.


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I love reading these theories; they're so cool and artistic.