Thinking of moving to South Korea?

Hi everyone!

If anyone here is as obsessed with all things K as I am, you've likely thought about moving to the beloved motherland of kpop or at very least travelling there, am I right?

So, I'm here to convince you why teaching in Korea is the best thing ever - here's a few of the highlights of teaching in Korea I've found so far:

1. ADGHDJEIFREJO Everything is Korean - well of course it is, but if you want to learn Korean to better understand what the frig your bias is saying on a v live with no subs, immersing yourself in the language will get you understanding words and phrases in context so much easier!

2. Fashion - if your like me and love K-fashion, but don't think you 'Asian size', also like me than fear not! gmarket is koreas ebay where more sizes are available than you may think! plus you can trade in your old threads for something else (as yeah basically ebay) My first thought was that being a little bigger than the beauty standard would leave me Jamless, but to be honest its not even come up once!!

3. The kids you teach will be freaking awesome. So I have classes where the kids come running up to me to share updates on comebacks (specifically the EXO comeback tomorrow) and can i tell you, as someone who hasn't got any kpop stan IRL friends, this has been so wonderful.

4. You can drop KPOP references in class - in fact you are encouraged to do so to better relate a topic to the kids. Example: teaching memorization techniques ' ok who can tell me all the names of SEVENTEEN? what about TWICE?, EXO? BTS? (a firm favourite) and how do you remember them?

5. Walking down the road, and thinking you've accidetly unplugged your headphones because you can hear spring day, but realize,  hits cool, i just walked past a random shop thats playing it because its freaking Korea. Furthermore, saying any word in class that relates to a kpop song will result in a song contest i.e who can tell me why we need to worry about forest fires ....'BULTAOREUNE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE' - 'Edward June sit down! ...but 10 points to Griffindor '

6. Kakao talk - 'nough said

7. Korean food - see above

8. ah, why won't (insert bias group name here) come to my country?! - wait I live in Korea, nevermind.

9. This Drama IS available in your country

10. Friendly! everyone I've met here is so, so friendly and always try and help you. You will see plenty of smiles on a daily basis, and I feel so welcome here, best choice i ever made!


Ok so there are so many more reasons but I wanna keep it sweet, most of the others just saying stuff like, if you come as a teacher your apartment is free, you will be paid well and teaching as a whole will build your confience in public speaking (whch ive always struggled with) plus the guys are hot, but you already knew that ;)

Anywho, I hope you decide to come here! and hey, maybe we can grab a bubble tea or a soju?? (if your of age of course!)

Annyeoooong!!!! XXX


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um?? you live in korea?? let's go get bubble tea pls
euigeon #2
Omg, I wish I can go thereee. I might look for a job vacancy there once I graduated from college. But I can't speak Korea very well (only some basics like "ige eodieyo?" (which i don't know if it's correct or not XD)) and I can't read hangul well- sike.