THE MIX HOUSE™ Graphic Shop

Good day guys!

So, I had this fanfiction of Jikook (of course) recently put up! And I wanted to write the first chapter down after I had set up a poster for it (because I'm picky like that). So I requested to this awesome shop called THE MIX HOUSE™.


(Click on the banner to go to the shop)

Trust me, they got great graphics and great service. I'm sure they wouldn't disappoint you (actually based on my experience). And my fanfiction now got this gorgeous poster and background made by their designer Sadreamer.

I recommend visiting their shop as soon as possible since it is getting famous and you might miss out on the slots for the designers!

Oh! And also don't forget to also visit my new jikook fic called 'The Case of Park Jimin' where you would see Sadreamer's awesome poster!


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