It's been so long

Well hello guys, it's steph

I decided to reach out to you again after being in hiatus due to my private life crashing and finally finishing school

I'm currently on my way to study art somewhere and well 

Just recently my idiot computer declared war on me and has been a real pain in the from what reason ever 

And today I wanted to download some music and my computer didn't even start, it told me everything is deleted, like literally my whole ing disc is just GONE 

I'm not sad about most of my fanfics, I decided not to write anymore, I'm more sad about all the photoshop stuff and all my photos since I have so much I cherish

I'm pretty done right now and just wanted to say hi and that I'm halfway done with my life but still alive tho so 

I guess I'll have this account still open but I won't really do something on this so


I guess goodbye for now?? 

Much love xxx 

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