My friend who is currently living and studying in Seoul, came back to Hong Kong for a few days late last week, and we met up a few days ago, when she brought me the stuff she got for me, and one of those was the “MADE” boxset, which I finally unboxed tonight…and to my relief, out of the six different versions, I got my second choice- the entire OT5.



When I asked my friend to help me pre-order the “MADE” boxset, she already informed me that there are six different versions: one for each individual member and one for the entire group. The annoying thing with that was we couldn’t choose which one we want to buy, so it was basically a lucky draw, no one knows which version they will get until they unbox. I have nothing against the members, but personally, as GD is my ultimate bias, I had preferred and hoped to receive the Kwon leader version, with the entire OT5 as my second option.

But I cannot help but wonder was this another money tactic from YG?? Because I’ve seen fans posting and uploading photos of their own boxsets, offering to trade off for their own bias, and I’ve heard some crazy stories as well, including how one Chinese V.I.P bought about 70 of the “MADE” boxset hoping to draw G-Dragon or Taeyang, but all boxsets turned out to be Seungri…

P.S.: How I spend my bonus~~~ I went crazy today…my mom will kill me if she knows~~~



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