Wake up

I'm so happy that taeny shippers aren't as aggressive as before when dating news hits both of the girls, we're growing up goshh haha. Tiffany's dating news with Gray is a thing i don't really want to believe when the first rumor was posted but know i couldn't care less if they are dating, I'm sure tiffany that girl is dating rn whoever it is even if it's not Gray, and thank god I'm not as delusional as before to think that taeny are in a relationship. I still love to read taeny fanfics and still is hurt when dating news is served but not like before. I miss taeny really haha but i don't want to go back to my delusional phase. I'm still hurt atleast I'm not ad close minded. I even bashed nickhun before hahaha. To those taeny shippers who's bashing gray or wants to bash him, please don't, dating is normal and i just realized this because I've grown up hahaha. LOVE LOTS LOCKSMITHS  


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