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choi minyoung
full name / Choi Minyoung
other names / etc
✦ etc
birthdate / September 14, 1995 (22)
hometown / Incheon, South Korea
ethnicity / korean
nationality / korean
languages /
✦ korean / native / born and raised in korea
face claim / BESTie' Haeryung
backup / AOA' Seolhyun
appearance / 
✦ Her face, laugh, smile, height; evrything is cute as can be. As monoluv' average height member, she knows how to user her height to her advantage. Her face reminds us of a bunny, in a completely nice way. We dare you to tell us it isn't an accurate description of her. Jane is just kind, and her loveable personality makes her all the more squisable and huggable.
fashion sense / etc
✦ We often see Minyoung being all glammed-up and girly and elegant on stage, on the red carpet and other events/activities, but airport photos show us a different side of Minyoung wearing more laid-back, comfortable clothes. According to the girls, Minyoung is the member who spend the least amount of effort when it comes to fashion. She’s so cool, right?.
character traits /
(+) funny, cute, talkative, dirty player, athletic
(-) shy, scared, childish
elaboration /
✦ Minyoung has firstly proven herself to be a variety queen. Minyoung just seems to be good at anything, and we do mean anything. She’s hilarious on “Infinity Challenge” and has numerously proven herself to be daring, whether it’s her catching chickens, rolling around in mud, revealing her real height or baring her face for all. Her honest nature makes us absolutely love her, and we adore that she has an “I don’t care” outlook on what others think of her. When people bashed Janey, the girl didn’t care, and kept doing the same gushy-mushy act on shows. Normally, we can’t stand aegyo, but Jane' is just so purposely exaggerated it’s hilarious. Granted, though we love the more “boy-ish” charm she’s been exhibiting lately, we’ve never had anything wrong with Minyoung' great personality.

She does seem like she doesn’t like being on camera, but it just might be her personality. I do think she needs to be taught what is appropriate and maybe be taught how to control her facial expressions. Even if she doesn’t like what someone says, she should still be able to control her facial expressions, and maybe try to make a joke out of it so she doesn’t seem like the bad person. But Minyoung has another personality on the inside of her, for instance getting scared of loud noises while perofming on stage singing the end of the song can be difficult for her because then fireworks would go off and bang her body twitches and her hearts pumps really fast. The next personality is shy, she can be shy on variety shows such as "Running Man" or in an interview alone but members of baddies would cheer her on or cheer her up so that she would be more comfortable with them beside them. The final personality is childish, she can be a bit annoying somethimes but also on stage she can be very annoying she would laugh at other people's mistakes or just play around with props.
background / etc
✦ Minyoung was born on September 14, 1995, in Incheon, South Korea. Her family consists of her older brother and father, but sadly her mother passed away when she was 5 years old. Though years apart in age, Minyoung and her sibling were known to have the same birthday together. While Jane was still an infant, her and her brother moved to Seoul. As a result, Minyoung grew up being scared of loud noises the reason why is it was fireworks  were being set off from different states, in Minyoung' house one of fireworks went wrong supposed to go up and not sideways this making Minyoung cry. Once she grew up Minyoung tried to go to different entertainments such as Starship Entertainment. Few years ago at the age of 17 she saw some posters saying "Auditions" so this was her chance to be in an entertainment since she was 14 she can now join an actual anertainment an live her life as an idol.

As one of the members Samuel helped Jane in her vocals and rapping because Samuel is really good at rapping, dancing and singing whereas Jane is only good at the two things which were rapping and dancing her weakness is singing because she can't do high notes.
relationships / etc
✦  father :: Choi Yunkyum (55) / football manager / hard-working, smart, intelligent, creative / 7-10
They're not that close and it isn't hard to see why- they haven't spent a lot of time together due to his work, and they're actually quite awkward with each other. Despite Choi Yunkyum being a good person overall, he just wasn't there most of the time and cared more about his acting than his family.

✦  older brother :: Choi Minseok (30) / waiter / sweet, kind / 8-10
Infront of her friends he is the snobish kind of girl but when he's with his sister he became a harmless puppy. Minyoung and him shares alot of similarities, just like their favorites and interests. They both love to snuck out to go to their roof top to watch the stars and Minyoung always fell asleep first so Minseok have no choice but to share a room with her. They don't use honorifics but calls each other baby instead.

✦  older brother :: Choi Minho (25) / singer, actor / strong, passionate, creative / 10-10
Just like the siblings typical relationship, they're always yelling at each other, getting jealous over some things. Despite all of that, they supports each other on whatever they do. Their sibling bond was unbreakable even though they are miles apart.
triva / etc
✦ likes
 - Pinks
 - Puppies
 - Shopping
 - Chocolate
 - Winter

✦ dislikes
- Scary Stuff
- Bugs
- Heights
- Pranks
- Loud Noises

✦ hobbies
 - Going shopping with mates
 - Playing video games in dorm
 - Loves to go out-doors

✦ habits
 - Fake smile when lying
 - Bites lips when nervous
 - Distracted by props, bubbles etc

✦ trivia
 - She appeared in SISTAR' "Shake It" MV as student
 - Her sisnging skills are beautiful
 - Her blood type is B
 - Her brother is Minho and coash Yunkyum
 - Former constestant Produce101 ranked 26th
STAGE NAME / Minyoung
TRAINEE YEARS / 3 Years at Starship and 2 Years at Brand New Music Ent
- SISTAR' "Shake It" MV
✦ etc
love interest / Park Jinyoung (Got7)
backup / Rap Monster (BTS)
personality / 
✦ Jinyoung is just a sweet little dear but, sadly, he is too shy and introverted.  His introvertedness is something really hard to get over, because we can’t help but feel it creates distance between him and his fans, when usually, fans want to get to know their idols. He is adorable, but in a shy girl kind of way. Jinyoung has proven himself sweet, and the other members usually comment on how much they want to take care of Jinyoung, and how he, in turn, also wants to take care of them. He is GOT7'  and lead vocalist and rapper. BamBam, like Jinyoung, is also very easily brought to tears. Jinyoung' tears however, come from his sensitive heart and emotional being, while Jinyoung is just a wiener. (;.
love story /
✦ Once Minyoung went to her first school in South Korea she first met Jinyoung when they were in school. She was seating right behind him in the classroom, she was completely in daydream thinking about him. Curious, he sat infront of her and smiled at her and said what you daydreaming about. She snapped out of her daydream and stared at Jinyoung for a few minutes. Both got to talking about the challenges and joys of training and their project groups, anticipating their debut dates. They soon lost track of time and had to part. They saw each other several times between schedules at different entertainments, falling easily into a long conversation each time. Since the group was about to debut, Jinyoung knew that these developments must be something good and exciting, perhaps an earlier debut. He smiled and agreed whole-heartedly, saying that he hoped to see everything come about soon. They starting dating after July' debut and GOT7' comeback.
ending / suprise me
relationship status / just friends
final words / hope this story goes well, fighting !
scene reqs /
✦ perform on music bank
✦ go on variety shows individually or group
password / etc
cheat sheet


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