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Name Kisumi Mori ( きすみもり )

Other NAMEs 

— N/A


— Kisumi / Most people he knew loved to with his surname as it sounded like 'kiss me' in a japanese accent.
— Blank / Known for his tendency to maintain a straight face and always eemed to be in a daze.

— Murderer / For those who knew him, they tend to joke about his knowledge of morbid topics and hundreds of ways to kill a man.


Birthdate 03.25.1995

Birth place Moriya, Japan

Hometown Moriya, Japan

Ethnicity Japanese


— Japanese / Native / Born in Japan and being Japanese, his native language was Japanese.

— Korean / Fluent / Speech-wise, his Korean was great. Some people found themselves surprised at his fluency and would've suspected him to not be a foreigner.


FACECLAIM Kento Yamazaki

BACKUP Mackenyu Maeda


— A soft appearance, a pretty face and rarely seen sweet smiles. He's not that tall, but not that short either. Being only 5'10" ( 178 cm ) in terms of height. He's got the visuals which attracted people, but also a gentle tinge to him. Despite the fact that most times, his face is set into a blank slate.



— A mole on the right side of his face.



— Being someone that's self-conscious of his looks, he tended to avoid anything bright and eye-catching. He also tried to make sure it was fashionable enough and just something which could blend in the crowd with ease. He also likes comfortable and modest outfits such as cozy sweaters or hoodies paired with sweatpants or jeans. 

Personality traits

( + ) Easy-going; Cautious; Humorous; Artistic
( = ) Passive; Humble
( – ) Shy; Dazed; Morbid; Pessimistic


Easy-going; He’s the kind of guy who liked to provide a pleasant atmosphere to those he was close to. He’s friendly and open-minded, waving off prejudices and preferring to know people from his own experiences with them. A relaxed man was he, preferring to be calm rather than being easily angered. The person who you’d know would never judge you for anything you do as he believed people have the right to do what they wanted as long as it’s, you know, not that bad. But even then, he’d probably just be resigned as long as he got used to it and he wasn’t heavily involved in it.

Cautious; Always so wary was he, being careful about whether he was crossing lines or messing up or getting hurt. It didn't consume him, though, it just made him be more aware of certain things when it came to it. He never overstepped boundaries and made sure to keep in mind about whether people were feeling sensitive or the like. It's mainly because he was scared to ruin his relationships because he made others snap at him—and he loathed anything related to quarreling.


Humorous; A surprisingly funny guy with self-deprecating humor, strange facial expressions, and puns. He usually showed this side around people he's more comfortable with—becoming less cautious and insecure as he felt more at ease to tell jokes. Even when in a crowd, as long as he had someone who he was close to and comfortable with, he'd easily let loose a bit and bring out the inner jester inside of him. Easily making others crack up. Heck, he's made some really amusing faces throughout the show and could have been used as some memes.


Artistic; He was an artist, someone who created masterpieces with music. He's got experience as a producer and knew his way through composing ( albeit he's more used to using Vocaloid as his singers ).Not only that, but he loved to tackle strange ideas and make it glorious. He's seen people made a Metallica version of 'I Will Always Love You', which he found absolutely marvelous. It's probably why his song covers had been so unique, due to his love of rearranging music and adding strange and totally different elements to it but making it work.


Passive; The neutral part, the Switzerland in groups, he's always so passive and would never object much as he didn't want to be seen badly by his teammates. He's generally so obedient, only being adamant when it came to very serious matters such as becoming an idol or if he thought that it was a must such as song arrangements. Of course, this made him less ambitious and he tends to shy away from the center position due to knowing how much others wanted it. He's a bit too scared of getting into people's bad books and this generally made him seem blander than he actually was.

Humble; Compliments were always so greatly appreciated, but he also felt that he never lived up to those comments. He's always saying that he wasn't good enough at anything despite his talent, but he also made jokes about how he felt about his skills were not as good as the praise sung by those who knew about it. Coupled with his pessimistic thoughts, it tends to make him see himself so lowly. Being humble is great, but not when he found it hard to believe that he could be great and deserve those compliments he had been given.


Shy; Awkward around strangers, he couldn't really fully relax around people he didn't know about. It always made it hard for him to socialize and reveal the more charming sides to him, which could be a problem on shows like Produce 101. He was honestly so nervous to be on the show and having to perform, but he tried his best to be brave and perform well. It also didn't help that his shyness also stemmed off from his cautions mixed with his pessimism due to not knowing what were the limits of people he had yet to interact with.


Dazed; Sometimes he found himself unfocused and in a trance. In this state, he becomes rather unresponsive and with too much in mind. Most of the time, this happened when he had nothing else to do ( e.g. during shooting when they're doing nothing ) and when he's just building new ideas for songs and what not in his mind. It takes a lot to bring him out if this blank phase of his, for he would not even budge when being shaken by those around him. Some might even think he slept with his eyes open.


Morbid; If one was to check out his YouTube account, they would find out that a lot of his original songs were quite morbid. He had a strange fascination ​​​​​for dark topics such as death, having made many songs regarding serial killers, toxic relationships and the like. He had his fair share of lighter, happier songs but the majority would always be quite dark. On another note, he's definitely the guy you go to when you need to know about any recent murder cases. Or anything on how to kill people ( he'd be the one who always tell others to be careful because they could die and explicitly explain how they die ).


Pessimistic; His thoughts tend to focus on the negative in everything. He had tried to be optimistic for a long time, but after the divorce of his parents—he started to think of the worst that could happen. He also preferred to not think highly of anything as when anything good happened, he'd find it more joyous and shocking. And when things go the way he expected—he wouldn't fell so disappointed. So, he was satisfied with thinking of the glass as half empty rather than half full or just half a cup.


born from a couple that was high school sweethearts, many expected a warm and fairy-tale-esque life to be bestowed upon him. but fate was fickle and unpredictable—it would never give such joy so easily.

chapter i;

it started off slowly, with his mother growing increasingly frustrated and his father grew more distant. he's just eight years old by then—having briefly lived with parents who would put smiles on for him and were cheerful and supportive of him. but lately, it didn't feel like so.

he found himself more aware of when his mother's fuse was nearing its end or when his father really didn't want to be involved with him at all, watched them sneered at each other and somehow the tension between them choked him as if it had hands to do such a thing.

at night, he'd be sleeping in his own room instead. it used to be the guest's room, but he's been going there as a safe haven of sorts. he recalled when he slept in the warm arms of his mother's and his father's, but now the blankets and pillows were what he used to warm him up and stop the screams from outside to get in his head.

chapter ii;

people spoke about their parents proudly, and when they wrote down about their family—he saw joy in their drawings and writings.

he copied them, used his imagination and what he could recall hiding the true relationship. he's scared of what others would think about him and he's not sure whether he wanted to really talk about it.

actually, he did. he wanted to spill it all out—but there's no one he could trust to hear him out.

chapter iii;
he's been ensnared by the world of art and music. it's his getaway when he's tired and sick from the situation. he'd plug the earphones in his ears and blast songs in it to drown out the shouts and shrieks.

drawing became a place where he could imagine a different world entirely, where all was happy and nothing pained him. he's inspired by animated art and he's so sympathetic of lyrics that he became passionate about it all.

in this moment of his life where everything was going to break apart, these things became his medicine that mended him back together.

chapter iv;
it was when he was eleven that he drowned in dread and fear.

a silent car ride was how it began, a simple drive back home. he slept during that time, too tired from the day's events and without anything else to do. when he woke up, he's heard the awful screeches and could only act as if he was asleep. he didn't want to bother with it and he'd rather imagine of the safer and happier world and attempt to sleep yet again.

but when their voices were halted and all he could hear from his mother was choking sounds, he felt an unfound fear stabbing him ruthlessly.
he snapped his eyes open, to see their dark silhouettes and his father's hand on his mother's neck. he found it harder to breathe and he's so scared because—oh god was he trying to kill her—

he couldn't even sigh in relief when he saw the hand being pulled away from shock and when his mother gasped for air. the tears had only spilled when another beat of silence was broken with an agreement.

"let's divorce."

chapter v;

japan became a place of horrid memories for his mother. father no longer met him and her, becoming a vague figure in his life that used to exist in his life.

they moved to south korea for a new beginning, hastily learning the language and trying to blend in. they stayed with his mother's sister and they would try to live life to the best of their abilities.

at least mother smiled more these days, he thought to himself. and maybe that's why he's not as broken as he thought he was.

chapter vi;
k-pop became another obsession of his, right next to his obsession of vocaloid.

music had become such an integral part of him that he dreamed to sing and to be able to show others what made music so wonderful to him. he vowed to become a cool musician who would be able to help those who listened to his songs.

people around him told him that he should try being an idol, because he was good looking too. and he admitted, he very much loved the idea to be an idol. he would want to get in sm, but he didn't think he was strong enough to do so.

which was why he'd develop his skills before he joined a company for sure.

chapter vii;
fast forward and he became a producer for vocaloid on youtube who posted many cover songs of korean and japanese songs too. he's probably the only one who had rapped/sing and composed songs from two different languages. he's also one of the most secretive ones there were, never showing his face once.

he's that kid in school that was known for his musical skills, albeit he's never gone to fancy music schools because he never wanted to bother his now single mother too much. so he studied alone, with the help of friends and grew in talent.

chapter viii;
it took some convincing and a rare moment wherein he was adamant to fight for what he wanted for once, but he's managed to convince his mother to let him do what he wanted. that's how he got himself becoming a trainee in seven seasons.

not only that, but two years and seven months later, he'd get the offer to be a part of produce 101. there's dread gnawing at him from the inside, but there's also that part of him who stayed strong from a young age—one who's fallen so hard for music and he couldn't let this chance go.

plus, he knew what it felt like to be broken so he probably could handle through this right?


- likes
- vocaloid
- anime ( especially fairy tail )
- music
- topics related to murder
- kamaage udon
- peace
- superstar smtown

- dislikes
- arguments - someone touching his neck
- hongoe-hoe ( skate fish )
- that one miss that ruined your perfect streak
- making people mad
- getting a low score in karaoke bars
- the screeching of a mic

- habits
- tapping his fingers as if playing a piano piece or superstar smtown when impatient.
- pulling out self-deprecating humor to make people happy.
- composing or drawing when he feels down or is keeping something to himself.
- correcting people when they were mistaken or stated the wrong information in regards to murder or the like.
- stiffening up and almost seemed panicked whenever arguments started to brew.
- making strange yet somehow adorable sounds when whining or bored or anything actually. heck, if he didn't reallly have a response for a question he just makes a 'enyehh?' kind of noise.
- fidgeting fingers and flickering eyes when nervous.
- frequently tousles his own hair.
- rolling his eyes whenever people brought up his surname for a joke.

- hobbies
- producing vocaloid songs
- drawing
- making animated videos
- making song covers
- keeping up with anything related to crime
- watching anime
- playing the piano
- playing basketball

- extra
- he's known as misuri-p as a vocaloid producer.
- and just misuri when he covers songs.
- crime scene is his favorite variety show
- most of the songs he had made, he made the videos too.
- his instagram is a mess, it's filled with what he'd soing for music, superstar smtown and his art. rarely does he ever put his own face out.
- super junior was the first group he had gotten into and his ultimate bias is kyuhyun.
- he thought he sounded horrible when compared to kyuhyun and that's why he went down the rapper route.
- then he heard more k-hip hop and zico came to the k-pop scene and he realized that no matter what he picked everyone's too talented.


— Mother / Kisumi Kaede / 54 / Stubborn; Blunt; Short-tempered; Tough; Confident; Social / Restaurant Owner / He's still so wary of angering her and causing any arguments as she had lashed out on him several times during the rocky times prior to the divorce. But their relationship was getting better and they get along well.


— Father / Yamamoto Kaoru / 57 / Stubborn; Competitive; Proud; Moody; Humurous; Lazy / Businessman / It's been long since he and his father interacted with each other. Ever since the divorce, his mother had made sure to cut off all contact with the man. He recalled that he and his father used to play around a lot but now it was just merely a memory.


— Fellow Trainee / Yoon Sangho / 25 / Refer to his app / Individual Trainee / He and Sangho had come across each other at one point and hit it off with their similar interests and talents in music. If they end up in the same team during the position evaluations, expect the song to completely change in genre. ( which would only happen if Mori was in a low rank that forced him to pick vocal for the position evaluations ).


— Best Friend / Terada Takuya / 25 / Traits / Easy-going; Flirty; Kind; Confident; Slow; Humurous / Their mother's were friends and they became close friends through that connection. Unfortunately, their meetings grew less as Mori moved to Korea. But they frequently talked with the use of their mother's phones before they had their own to use. Music had helped tighten their bond together and Mori had strongly supported Takuya's dreams. That's why, when Mori decided to become an idol himself, he had chose to go to the same company as Takuya. This time, Takuya's supporting him.

Vocal twin nqrse

dance twin Terada Takuya ( CROSS GENE ); good enough to pass for dancing.

rap twin nqrse

talking twin nqrse
composing twin Machigerita-p


label Amuse Korea Entertainment

Trainee years Four years and three months

Trainee life 

During the moments that he was a trainee, he had to say goodbye to his youtube and had gone on an indefinite hiatus. That didn't stop him from making songs that he kept to himself, though. As a trainee, he was always seen as a talented rapper and singer, just lacking in the dancing department. He's realized how difficult it was to be a trainee and had always gotten so scared and disappointed at himself when he was scolded by the trainers and would train without sleeping at all on his own accord. It also worried him constantly whether Amuse Korea even planned to debut a boy group any soon, but he remained and with the chance that was bestowed upon him in the name of produce 101, he decided to enter as a trainee of Amuse Korea.



— Cross Gene's 'Noona, You'; one of the guys with a box over his head.

What was your reason for joining produce 101? 

He played with his fingers, pupils unable to not stray away from the cameras and staff asking him the questions. He's still unused to this setting which was why he was so nervous "Ah...I came here because I wanted to debut. It feels like if I don't I might never be able to debut."

What was your main focus when training? vocal? dance? rap? 

"Well, at first I wanted to focus on singing...but then I ended up rapping because I felt more confident in that." He recalled the moments when he sang, cringing at his own memories at those times where he lacked so much.

What class are you expecting to enter in the first episode? 

"I think I only have a chance of getting in C class, I lack so much in everything it's hard to see myself in B or A. I wouldn't be surprised if I get a D or an F too." He responded in truth. His shoulders sagged down a bit as he assessed his own skills.

What do you think your final rank will be? 

"With how I am, I'm probably getting in at...the highest possible ranking would be 20 and the lowest would be 101." He bitterly smiled, because even if he were to have the skills to be the center, it all depended on the screentime.

Do you think you'll be able to make it to the final group? if so, why? 

"Not really. I don't think I'd be able to get there." He hadn't seen the other trainees yet but he was so sure that they were much more talented or charming than him.

What do you think sets you apart from the other trainees on the show? 

"" He scrunched his eyebrows together as he thought hard about it. "They're more talented and charming than I am. I'm pretty sure there are people here who could produce their own songs too. Uh...I guess I've produced Japanese songs before using Vocaloid?" His cheeks are flushed as he ducked his head down. Hopefully, no one will find out that he was connected to misuri-p.

What song do you plan to perform for your first evaluation in front of the judges? 

"Zico-sunbaenim's I am you, you are me is what I plan to perform." He answered. He also prayed that he wouldn't mess his performance too.

Are there any final things you would like to say? 

"I apologize for lacking so much, but I will try my best to not be a total failure. Thank you for even listening to me if this was aired or shown. This had been Amuse Korea's Kisumi Mori." He then proceeded to bow politely out of gratitude.

Comments So this is my second kid kisumi mori, i'm making another one too but idk if i can get her in time rip. also, i did this mainly on phone so pardon the mistakes.

Scene requests 
— Mori's surname is probably as much of a trend as Ong's.
— Mori being shy and lacking confidence at first before he proceeded to switch to his rapping persona where he completely changed.
— Also, that moment when he's stuck on a team with too many rappers so he opted to take the vocal route for the team and showed his great vocals.  
Another hot topic bit, but this one is about netizens finding out about his identity as misuri-p.
A chance for him to show his composing abilities and rap or sing about the time of his life where music became his safe haven.

Password I'm still sticking with Peak or I.O.N, but maybe add Co-ed School's songs to the mix too? 

Coded by Yeojachinguu


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