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Hey ~ 

Stuff happened today! Not only does this mark the day that I only have two weeks left of school (yes, meaning Hiding Himself will be rewritten soon and Lutalica will be continued), I received an amazing poster. 

I am a er for posters, I'll just put that out there. 

I filter through many poster shops to find one I feel comfortable with and when I do find one I always cross my fingers, hoping that the result will be amazing. Right now, I have two stories up: Hiding Himself and Lutalica. Today marks the day that I have posters for both of these fics AND I am 100% SATISFIED. 

I went crazy when I received my poster from MJ for HH, I will never delete that ing poster it's so ing good. 

Today, I went crazy again. 

ing Ran over at The Mix House making me sweat buckets in anticipation as the page loads and then hyperventilate when I see the result. It's 31 degrees Celsius today, I can't deal with this oh my god. 

The poster is just SO good, like??? The vibe is just perfect and I am just so happy with it. It's so aesthetically pleasing and interesting with details everywhere. 

Ran, thank you so much. 

The Mix House is an awesome poster shop, really. From the layout to the designers to how easy requesting is. 

The designers are all amazing, I looked through each of their portfolio's and it's just mind baffling. There's such a variation of different styles that I think anyone would find a suitable designer and that's a really good trait to have as a postershop. Diversity is key. I, personally, enjoy slightly different looking, out of the ordinary posters. So, to be able to go through portfolio's and see that they ALL have different vibes made it really accesible and easy. 

Requesting is really ing easy as well like damn no over the top questions like: Tell us about this part and this part of your story, how will this character develop, MOTIVES AND TIME OF THE YEAR PLEASE. Please, I don't want to spend an hour filling in an request form. 

Overall, if you guys are looking for a postershop, I'd definitely recommend The Mix House. 

The Mix House

There's something about looking at my posters that makes me want to write but I have to study. 


Dear readers, 

I will see you soon ~



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