Forget-Me-Not Roleplay ♡

♡ Forget Me Not Roleplay ♡

Hey there sweetie! Are you having a hard time looking for your soul mate? Would you like some help? A good news here at Forget Me Not Roleplay we not only provide you of finding your soul mate but you also find a loving family that you will never want to let go of! Forget Me Not Roleplay~ Come and make a reservation for your character now!! We are waiting for you! 

→ facebook based
→ nonau
→ matchmaking
→ straight 
→ many idols available 
→ we need you! ♡




I am just helping on behalf. As one of the members there and as someone who has been roleplaying for almost 10 years, I swear this is one heck of the best rps I have ever joined. 


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