PRODUCE 101 | 강대니 | 브랜뉴 뮤직

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Produce 101 : Kang Dani

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BIRTHNAME : Kang Dani 강대니

Samantha Zafina Wayne | Her given english name

Dan | Daniel | they created nicknames for each other since they found it easier to call one another. Daniel's being Niel while Dani's being Dan. Although hers sounded a bit boyish, Dani doesn't care

Tsundere | Fans | Dani is known to be a very stoic/cold person but with a big heart. She's very sensitive inside but very tough outside.

Shortie pants | Daniel | Having an older brother who is very tall plus his friends who are nearly as tall as him, you'll always get teased because of your height. Well, that's what Dani always experience. Her brother and his friends would call her shortie due to her short structure. Although it is a fact, it can annoy poor Dani a lot since she doesn't want to be reminded of her short structure.

Kang Daniel's younger sister | media/almost everyone | That awful moment when you're related to someone who's well known in korea. Well, that's Dani's misfortune. She happens to be Produce 101 contestant Kang Daniel's long lost younger sister. It does annoy the heck out of her since she want's to solely be known as "kang Dani"

DATE OF BIRTH : December 25, 1999
BIRTHPLACE :  Busan, South Korea (1999-1999)
Brooklyn, New York (1999-2009)
Los Angeles, California (2009-2012)
Seoul, South Korea (2012-present)


Korean | Advanced | She has been living in korea for almost 5 years. She still can't pronounce and often gets some word mixed up

English | Fluent | She grew up using english more since she was adopted and lived in new york and Los angeles.

Japanese | Advanced | Dani is obsessed with Anime and since she is very impatient to wait for a subbed version of an on-going anime, she decided to learn Japanese. It is also stated that MMO told her to learn it too. It has been about 4 years since she started learning Japanese.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT : 156cm and 45kg

▸ Standing at only 156cm and weighing only 45kg, let's just say Dani is really short, like a 13 year old. Well, despite having a short structure, Dani has an hourglass figure and very pale skin. She own light grey eyes that looks like blue once under the sun. Her skin is really smooth like a baby's . Dani has a pointy nose and rosy cheeks that has cheekbones once she smiles. Her lips are pink on colour and would form a beautiful smile. Dani's hair is often dyed to many other wild colours that stand out such as pink, purple and blue. Her natural hair colour is black and is naturally wavy. Her hair is quite long as it stops on her lower back, right above her . It is now currently dyed a pastel blue. Though her hair is dyed a lot of times, her hair is still very much healthy and not damaged from the bleach and dye. She pierced both her ears and is planning to tattoo herself when she gets older

Left ear | right ear

Dani isn't one to fuss about fashion. She puts on whatever she finds in her closet that looks decent. Though it's random, it comes out as though she worked and wasted 3 hours on just finding the 'perfect' outfit. Her fashion usually consist of dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and crop tops. Dani isn't one to use makeup. She actually hates makeup. She believes that everything that is natural is beautiful. Though she is sometimes forced to use makeup, she would only use eyeliner and lip gloss. One thing that Dani fusses about is her flannels. She can never leave a dorm or house without using or holding a flannel. It's a must in Dani's fashion list. Another thing that Dani loves and cherishes are her combat heels. Since she is very short and is dating a really tall guy, she has to be tall too right? Instead of just using normal heels, she tends to wear her combat heels instead. She describes it as her inner emo self, which still stands within her.

Casual: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x
Practice: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x
Formal: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x
Her must have heels: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x




⟪ Positive ⟫ Hardworking, responsible, charming, intelligent, quick-witted, brave
⟪ Neutral ⟫  Clean, flexible, faithful, friendly, neat, passionate
⟪ Negative ⟫  Blunt, short tempered, naive, impatient, naggy, sarcastic

PERSONALITY :  At first glance, everyone thinks that Dani is a spoiled and snobby brat due to her being raised in a wealthy family. Well, that's everyone's first impression, though, she was never snobby nor arrogant. Dani is someone who work hard to own and deserve something. She is very determined and giving up is never in her dictionary. She believes that everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Dani too have talents that wow people. She has a certain charm that makes her unique in her own way and style. One might think that Dani is someone who doesn't care about her own stuff or others. Well, they're wrong, Dani is very well organised and does her work without complaining despite the fact that she has other things to do. She is very responsible and hates leaving work undone, in fact, she is the only one who bothers cleaning up the dorm. With an IQ of 150, Dani is basically a human encyclopedia. She simply knows answers to a lot of things despite only going to school for up until she is 20. She aced nearly all her exams during high school and was always top 5 in the whole cohort. Due to her intelligence, Dani is quick-witted. She can answer and even solve a question in a fast period of time. She even can solve a rubiks cube within a minute and a half. Well, another first impression of her, is someone who gets scared and threatened easily. Well, No she isn't one of those . In fact, being a strong leader, Dani is very brave. She takes up whatever challenges even if she hates it. She would do anything which includes bungee jumping when she have Acrophobia just for her groupmates. She isn't one to turn down a good challenge.

Well, Dani is also very very very [see what i did there xD] clean. Her room is always clean. Like dust free. She's very neat and can't stand the sight of messiness. She could vomit blood if she sees a messy room and would cry if she sees that. Due to Dani being a former cheerleader and captain, Dani is quite flexible. She can do many gymnastic tricks such as an aerial, cartwheel, bridge and even a front aerial. Dani can never lie. Even with a blunt personality, of course she can't lie, but no, Dani hates lying and is very faithful. She hates cheating and would always come out clean. At first, some people might think Dani is a cold person. With her badass look, they might even think that Dani hates or can't stand being around people, but of course, never judge a book by it's cover. Dani is a friendly girl, but that is only to people who acknowledges her presence. If you don't acknowledge or personally start a conversation with her, she would ignore you and act as if you're not there, but if you acknowledge her, she would be smiling and talking with you like she had been friends with you for years. With her determination, Dani is a passionate girl. She would put her all into something if she can't succeed. Of course that's how people usually think she is a leader, because she can be so positive over a situation and would put her full attention to it.

Apart from the good side, Dani have quite a number of bad sides. She tends to speak out of her mind. Due to her being intelligent, she blurts out irrelevant words that could hurt others. Many hate this trait of hers, seeing as her comments are not very nice and welcoming. Insead, it's something very offensive and hurtful. The other thing is that Dani can never control her certain temper. She gets pissed off easily, especially on her time of month. Dani would always burst out, hitting things that are very close to her, glaring at those who pissed her off and cussing to them like there is no tomorrow. It gets worse once she turns ill. she would cuss, even when the manager is present. Dani once tried fixing her temper but to no avail, so people would have to live with her temper. Believing too much is Dani. She is very dense in some situation and very naive despite having an IQ of 150. She believes in people too much that she can get hurt. It's something the members worry about since she trusts people too much and that she can never get the real situation or the real reason behind their actions. Get ready for Dani's whines. Dani can never wait for anyone. She hates waiting that she can leave you if you're late for even a minute. Though she is sometimes forced to wait, she would start whining and scolding the person who was late, saying that she was '2 seconds' from leaving them behind. Dani can nag without hurting . once she sees something out of order, there goes the speaker. She would talk and talk to her members without stopping. Her nags are one thing to be careful about as once she talks, she'll never shut it. Full of sentences to burn people, Dani is one sarcastic person. She knows how to have fun, but sometimes it's too much fun and that annoys people. Never take her words seriously, especially her sarcasm.

BACKGROUND :  Dani was born on December 25, 1999 in Busan, South Korea and is the 2nd child. Her birth name was Kang Dani but at a very young age, her parents gave her up for adoption. Dani was a mistake in their family and they couldn't afford raising her. The family didn't plan for a second child, but due to the parents mistake, her mother got pregnant with her. Having a heart, her mother endured 9 months with a child in her womb and once the baby is born, they would give he or her up. Fortunately, a foreign family, adopted the young korean baby when they were on vacation. The mother sadly, couldn't give birth due to her damaged oviduct. The couple did want a baby so badly, thus adopted Dani. They renamed her Samantha Zafina Wayne. Right after that day, the Kang family never saw their baby girl's face ever again.

The Wayne family soon moved to Brooklyn, New York. Life in Brooklyn was quite easy for Dani, seeing as she was adopted when she was only a baby, so it makes it easier, as she grew up following her adopted parents ways. She can speak english without any difficulty since she grew up using that language and she had never once thought about her ethnicity once she grew to be a teenager. She felt the need to ask such a sensitive question on "Where was she from? Who was she exactly?" those were the constant thoughts of Dani. Though she would push those questions away, she would always feel the urge to blurt it out on the dinner table. Which in the end, she did. Both her adopted parents were taken aback by their daughter's sudden question. Heck, even her older siblings were shocked. They thought that she wouldn't ask on such a sensitive topic, but she did. Of course, her father told Dani, her ethnicity and where she was born, which was Korea. Missing puzzle pieces were finally found as Dani finally found answers to her questions. After that fateful night, Dani never asked anything about who she really was.

When Dani turned 8, Dani took up cheerleading just for fun. She find it interesting as she would be able to do multiple things, such as a cartwheel and a back handspring. She honestly was having fun. They voted her captain thanks to her leader-like personality and her dedication to cheerleading. Although, it started out as something to kill her time, Dani came to love it. I mean, she got to cheer for (hot) basketball players who represent the school during competitions and she got to attend multiple championship tournaments. Dani finds it funny since she isn't one of those girly girls who wear skirts and dresses, yet there she was, standing with a bunch of girls, doing tricks that is highly dangerous and could lead to injuries. One fateful day, soon changed Dani's life forever.

2 years passed since she joined cheerleading. She did not expect herself to be a cheerleader. Well, thanks to cheerleading, Dani soon fell into the kpop world. She was in the midst of picking a song for a routine she was choreographing for the school's annual basketball competition, when she a video of a boy group called, "Shinhwa" appeared in her recommended list. She honestly did not think much of it, since she was already obsessed with rock bands, thus did not hesitate to listen to it and judge it. That was when she realised that the song was actually perfect for her routine. So she did used this so called "Shinhwa"'s song. Days turned to weeks, Dani found herself humming to Shinhwa's songs. She found herself searching up on Korean pop music, which led her to become a full Kpop fan. She would sing and dance to every kpop song she knows and would start fangirling over her 'oppas'. Thanks to Kpop, Dani also found interest in rapping. She doesn't give any if she sounds like a sim avatar when rapping. She would just spit out rhymes whenever and wherever she finds the time to. Thanks to Shinhwa, her dream changed.

Sadly, on the same year, Dani had to move to Los Angeles. Her father got promoted and had to move to the branch in LA. Her cheer team was so disappointed when they heard of the news. They were very much upset to see their captain move. They gave her a small gift, which was a picture of the whole squad for her to remember them. Once her family settled in LA, Dani decided not to do Cheerleading, since she did not want to face her former squadmates if they were to participate in championships. Instead, she went to join B-boying, despite being only 10 years old. Her mother was very disappointed in her when she found out that Dani joined something that is very boyish. Although it wasn't that difficult for her to do any of the tumbling tricks due to her past knowledge on cheerleading. Without notice, 3 years passed and Dani grew to love LA a lot. She felt as though B-Boying was what she was really meant for, not cheerleading. Although she did write her own lyrics and rap when there's free time, she felt b-boying was her. Fortunately, MMO entertainment, a subsidiary agency for CJ E&M, scouted her when they saw her B-boying and doing some rap. They felt as though she had talent. With her parent's permission, Dani soon flew to Korea, her birthplace, to start training.

During her training, many secrets unfold, such as her relation with Kang Daniel. One thing that hurt Dani more was when she had to leave MMO 4 years later due to miscommunications and disagreements. MMO decided to let go of her and Dani decided to cancel her contract. No one was there to support her since she was a foreigner in heart. Only her true friends, stayed by her side. They were the ones who provided Dani care and concern for her when she left MMO. They felt that MMO lost a gem just like her. Sadly, to start of with, Dani did not own an apartment since she has been living in a dorm provided by MMO. Daniel, being her older brother, brought her to meet his their family. Dani was taken aback to meet her biological parents, who gave her away just like that when she was born. She was partially mad and partially glad when she saw the faces of her supposed 'parents'. Both her parents tried to apologise and not having the heart to reject, Dani forgave them, and was welcomed with an open arm. Although Dani had some support from her friends and older brother, she tried to look for a job, which was hard since she didn't have any education since she was too busy with her training. Her solution was to do street rapping. Yes, she tried street rapping in Hongdae, and it gave her a huge fortune. Brand New Music scouted her right on the spot after her rap, to which Dani accepted and soon started her training.


▸ Rock Bands (BVB, SWS, MCR etc.)
▸ Sports
▸ Working out
▸ Coffee
▸ flannels
▸ Cheerleading
▸ B-boying
▸ Kpop


▸ Chocolate
▸ Waiting
▸ Tea
▸ Skinship
▸ Ballads
▸ Romantic movies
▸ Misjudgments
▸ Messy places


▸ Bites fingernails when nervous
▸ Mixing korean and english in a sentence when lying
▸ Cussing in english
▸ Sneezing when sniffing perfume


▸ Playing the piano and guitar
▸ Cheerleading
▸ Composing and lyric writing
▸ Choreographing
▸ B-boying


She is Kang Daniel's younger sister
▸ Allergic to chocolate and is lactose intolerant
▸ Is Biual
▸ She is left handed
She is vegetarian and can't eat meat
▸ An Animal lover
A huge fan of 5SOS, Monsta X and Seventeen [bias; Ashton, Wonho, S.coups]
Once a cheerleader and was captain before dropping out of it
▸ Has Acrophobia, entomophobia, claustrophobia and haemophobia
Flexible and can do gymnastics
▸ She owns an
Iphone 6 plus. [phone case] Her lockscreen is a picture of her and Donghyun while her homescreen is a picture of her and Daniel. (1) (2)
▸ Owns 5 pets. 2 puppies and 3 kittens. (
Violet&Viola) (Bolin&Balin&Bilin)
▸ Instagram: @QueenDani96 ; Twitter: @DanKKKKKKK
▸ Is an Otaku. Her favourite anime are Fairy Tail (She has a
celestial key collection), Naruto (She has a Konohagakure headband and a kunai set made out of metal) and Attack on titans (She has the jacket)
▸ Trained with Jisung, Jinwoo, Taewoong and Daniel of Produce 101
▸ Good friends with Yoon Jisung of Produce 101
Fights for gay and lesbian rights
▸ Loves to compose and choreograph
Attended an International high School



Older brother — Kang Daniel ☆ 20 ☆ Trainee under MMO ☆ friendly, caring ☆
Despite being separated for more than a decade, Dani and Daniel are really close. When both found out that they were related and are actually siblings, they were taken aback since they looked nothing like each other. Slowly, as time passed by, they finally felt the small sibling connection when the got to know each other. Although it has only been 2 years since they found out, they act as though they've known each other for longer. Daniel would always tease Dani about her small height which doesn't exactly make sense since Dani is not that short while Dani would always try to challenge Daniel in B-boying. It was also a coincidence that both took part in B-boying. Daniel also became quite protective over her and would always scare off any guys that would lay a hand on his baby sister. Literally, if you break Dani's heart, he'll break your face.

Best Friend — Yoon Jisung aka Memesung ☆ 26 ☆ trainee under MMO ☆ Goofy, emotional ☆
The memelord happened to be Dani's most trusted friend. Jisung is known to have a lot of reactions, so when Dani told him of her relation to Daniel, his faced showed it all. Jisung is also known to be someone who is blunt and loud and it fits Dani perfectly since Dani herself is blunt. These two are very much close to the point where Jisung knows Dani's darkest secrets that even Daniel doesn't know. Dani trusts Jisung a lot and Jisung treats Dani just like she's his sister.

Close Friend — Joo Jinwoo ☆ 24 ☆ Trainee under MMO ☆ protective, matured ☆
Another one of her friends when she was under MMO. How did Jinwoo and Dani become friends? Simple. They trained together alongside Jisung before Taewoong and Daniel was added. Dani loves Jinwoo and treats him like he's her older brother. Dani finds Jinwoo different from Jisung since Jinwoo isn't a gossip queen like Jisung but more onto the matured "Touch her you're dead" side. Jinwoo is quite protective over Dani and would do anything to prevent Dani from getting hurt.

Close Friend — Park Woojin ☆ 18 ☆ Trainee under Brand New Music ☆ Playful, caring ☆
Woojin was the first guy Dani ever talked to in Brand New Music. They became friends right after their first conversation due to their interest in rapping and dancing. Dani felt as though Woojin was different from other people and that he was a bit similar in Jisung in terms of trust. She treats Woojin just like he's a brother and had a crush on him once but had moved on. Dani loves to tease Woojin about a lot of things such as his non-existence abs (He is so cute I can't even say anything)



MAIN POSITION : Rap and Dance
TRAINEE YEARS : 4 years under MMO 1 year under Brand New Music


Well, when she first joined MMO, many trainees thought she wouldn't be good. Seeing as she was raised in america. Many thought she would fail and be dropped and cut immediately. Dani proved them wrong though, She pushed through everything and worked hard. Improving everything, dancing and rapping. She was always seen, dancing or rapping alone in a dance room. She wanted to show everybody, telling them "you should never mess with me". It was a motto, her quote. Her trainers would always nag and throw harsh comments on her. Dani would be the only person, that had gotten over a million nasty remark thrown into her face. Many wanted her to fail. They didn't want a tomboy in the industry. As you can see, Dani is never close with the trainees. They were all disgusted by her. They were envious of her, seeing as she happened to be so lucky since she was given a chance to train despite making multiple mistakes. When things gets worse, only Daniel and his friends were there to support her. Although he himself had to focus on a lot of things such as his own training, he still managed to cheer Dani everytime she's down. Fortunately, Dani managed to find a friend, Jisung. In the end, she was supposed to debut, but was soon cut. MMO's CEO and her had many disagreements and miscommunication which led to Dani's departure. She couldn't take it that the CEO was forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do, thus she cancelled her contract.

After leaving, Dani had nothing to do. She did not have any education, heck she didn't even have a house to live in as everything was MMO's property. That's where Daniel comes in. He brought Dani home to where his their family lives. They accepted her with open arms despite the fact that they were the ones who left her in the first place. Jisung and Daniel helped her in so many ways, such as trying to find her a decent job so she could stop depending on her biological parent's money. They even tried to find her a decent apartment for her to live in. Dani did feel guilty on leaving it to their hands since they're very busy with training, thus came up with a solution to street rap. She felt that she had the talent, so why not use it to earn money. She would perform at Hongdae every evening and would receive money sometimes. Well, one fortunate day changed Dani's life. It was a normal evening and has been 2 weeks since her departure from MMO. Dani did her usual thing, which was start rapping with the help of a band there. The only different thing was, Brand New Music's representative was there, and witnessed Dani's raps. He, eventually, scouted Dani on the spot right after her performance and that was when Dani started her training.

Training under Brand New Music wasn't any different. Sleepless nights just because of practice. Sore throats an aching bodies just because of rapping and Dancing. Dani did not mind though, in fact, she loved the feeling of finally training again. In Brand New Music, she felt as though everything was different. People were nicer and tend to communicate with her. She did make a few friends and was very much loving the atmosphere. Jisung and Daniel were relieved to know that she was back to her roots on becoming an idol again. However, Dani had to take vocal classes as well, and as far as she knew, she wasn't confident in singing. Although she did improve in a span of 1 year, she still feel as though she's still lacking in many points. She can't hit high notes but her tone is more to the softer side than the strong one. Her raps eventually improved 100% since Brand New Music is known to be a hiphop record label.


▸ Singing: WJSN Seola
▸ Dancing: Choi Yoojung
▸ Rapping: Jeon Soyeon


Please introduce yourself to the viewers : 

▸ "Annyeonghaseyo! Kang Dani imida. My position is rap and dance but I focus more on rap. I'm 19 years old and I have an oppa who was part of Produce 101 Season 2. His name is Kang Daniel and he is 3 years older than me! I'm currently under Brand New Music but I was once a MMO trainee for 4 years! Please take care of me." I spoke while grinning.

What's it like being a trainee At brand New Music? : 

▸ My facial expression changed unknowingly and I searched for the right words to say. i can't say that it's bad cause I would be lying but at the same time, I can't say it's good because that would still be lying... ah my brain hurts... Slowly, I faked a grin towards the interviewer. "Training under Brand New Music is great! Especially if you're a rapper since you get to experience a full hiphop record label since they have rappers such as SanE and Verbal Jint. I'm lucky that I can rap fast and even freestyle or else I would have been scolded a lot by now."

Why did you join Produce 101? : 

▸ "The agency wanted to me join since they thought it would be a great experience for me. They wanted me to feel the hardships of being an idol and the hardships of a survival show since I might be debuting in the near future."

Any last words before the show? : 

▸ I started to grin widely, "Please vote for me! Saranghaeyo National Producer-nims!" I soon started shooting small hearts towards the camera while chuckling at my silly act.

replace with love interest 80*80replace with love interest 80*80

LOVE INTEREST : Kim Donghyun


▸ Donghyun is very much a leader. Of course, by his name, Kim Donghyun, you'll get the feels of someone who is caring and understanding. Although, do not get confused with Boyfriend's Kim Donghyun and this Kim Donghyun. Donghyun is always seen taking care of the younger ones and would always understand and push their feelings further, to the point where they feel more stressed. He cares deeply for his close ones and would do anything to protect them. He is also very responsible despite being only 20 years old. He knows what to do and always keep track of the schedule and is very well organized. The thing is, Donghyun can get a bit sassy at some point. He knows what to say if someone were to diss him. He can get sarcastic especially off camera. (I in describing idols' personalities since they might have different personalities off and on camera)


  How they met  The two met when Donghyun first started training under Brand New Music, eleven months ago. Dani was attracted to him when her eyes met his for the first time, right after the trainers led him to where she and the others were. She could still remember her heart beating so fast when they accidentally bumped into one another during they're dance practice and his precious smile that could melt anyone, including Dani. She couldn't focus on training and kept making mistakes. Woojin, of course started teasing his close friend about it, and that she was making it too obvious.

Donghyun, well, he was feeling the same thing. He couldn't help but become flustered everytime he makes eye contact with Dani's blue-ish eyes and he would continuously make a fool out of himself whenever she's around. His heart would beat irregularly when he caught sight of Dani. He knew instantly that he's attracted to her and has developed a crush on her in a span of 4 months.

  How they started their love story  10 months have passed and Donghyun is so sure that his feelings will never fade. It has been 10 months since Dani caught his eye and has been 10 months since he developed his crush. He grew close to Youngmin, and he knew of his feelings towards his friend that was close to become his baby sister. For Dani, it's exactly the same thing, except Woojin knew of her feelings instead of Youngmin. Dani told Woojin of her feelings towards Donghyun and Woojin was truly supportive of it. He was glad that his best friend found someone to like.

However, without Donghyun nor Dani knowing, both Youngmin and Woojin tried to set them up together. Both told each other of they're friend's secret and tried very hard to set them up. How? They once tried to pretend that they "Couldn't make it" to their lunch break and would force both Donghyun and Dani to go together instead. They even once tried to set the two up by bringing both of them to the dance room, pretending to "Teach" them new skills but would leave minutes later and leave the two alone. They've tried lots of strategies but none worked since both Donghyun and Dani are too awkward.

So... What made the two date? Donghyun confessed first when both Woojin and Youngmin tried to set them up once more. He mustered up his courage just to say those words "I like you" to Dani. For Dani, it was the most shocking thing that made her freeze up. I mean, your crush just confessed to you that he likes you, of course you'll be shocked. She then noticed Donghyun's disappointed smile when he noticed the lack of response, making him think that she didn't return his feelings. Dani tried to talk but nothing came out so instead she just planted a kiss on Donghyun's lips, indicating that she liked him too.

  Baby steps to start a relationship  Being young, both Donghyun and Dani decided to take they're relationship slow. They did not go far from holding hands or hugging since both were still new to relationships, plus Dani hated skinship. Donghyun was very patient with Dani's awkwardness and was very much a caring and loving boyfriend who considers Dani's feelings. He wouldn't force her into kissing or hugging but would ask her permission to do it. That's what Dani loves about Donghyun. He accepts Dani's flaws and would never be mad at her for it.

Although Donghyun do want to freely kiss her without asking her permission, he knows that Dani can get super uncomfortable with it since she hated skinship. Plus, they've only dated for a month, so he thought that they should start slow. Although Dani did feel guilty once, or twice due to the fact that the two can't seem to act like they were couple since Dani isn't used to it, Donghyun would always assure that he's ok with everything and that he'll love Dani no matter what.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS :  Crushing Awkwardly dating for a month

ENDING :  Still together but Dani gets used to it and is now always seen cuddling and kissing donghyun.

xXMonstaAriXx : Ari

LAST WORDS : Hope u like her!


▸ None atm


turn in : story : cheatsheet


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