Spring Officially Started With Jung Eunji!

Welcome to another review by stillrooted! Today we have Jung Eunji's "너란 봄" (The Spring) and the rest of her album "공간" (Space)!

To sum up the entire review: Eunji's voice saved K-Pop and her smile saved the world. Spring officially started with Eunji!

Jung Eunji's 2nd mini album (공간 The Space - EP) - released April 10, 2017 at 12 PM KST.

Overall review: 4.67/5 stars

1. 너란 봄 The Spring (feat. 하림) - Title song

2. 처음 느껴본 이별 First Farewell (feat. 곽진언)

3. 소녀의 소년 First Love

4. 서울의 달 Full Moon

5. 너란 봄 The Spring (Piano Version)

너란 봄 The Spring - Title Song review: 4.5/5 stars

I love this song. Period. Maybe I'm a little biased, but this song is amazing. It's got such a "springy" feeling to it and it's perfect to listen to it on a cool, spring day. The addition of the harmonica (hey it's the same guy from Hopefully Sky!) just sets such a peaceful, yet familiar mood.

The chorus is catchy "너란 봄, 봄 봄 봄 봄" (You’re spring, spring spring spring spring) in a nice way. It gets stuck in your hand so that you can hum along with it, but not to the point where it's annoying. 

The lyrics are pretty cute, reminds me of IU and High Four's "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms." The song tells us about a lonely person sick of spring but at the same time looking forwards to spring. Ex: "Everything’s spring spring spring but me"

Vocally wise, it's perfect, I mean it's Jung Eunji. The high notes and adlibs towards the end of the song is flawless and so comfortable to listen to it.

It sounds similar to "Hopefully Sky" but it's still different in its own special way.

Overall, it's my choice song for the spring and I'll be humming along to it for the rest of spring!

Other songs review: 4.5/5

It was a great album in general with different songs and different styles. It showcased Eunji's broad vocals and I'm happy with all the songs. My only complaint would be the need for more songs, but then again it was an EP. Bonus points should be given because Eunji wrote the lyrics to 2 of the songs. Why is Eunji so talented?

처음 느껴본 이별 First Farewell (feat. 곽진언): 

When I first saw the tracklist, I kind of squealed when I saw this song because I was a huge fan of Kwak Jin Eon during Superstar K6 (he was the winner!). To say the least, this song did not disappoint! Eunji's light soprano voice fit so well with Jin Eon's deep voice. It's a light song that you can hum along to. I recommend to listen to this song on a breezy spring night. 

소녀의 소년 First Love:

This entire album was a springy ballad album, but this song was the different one in terms of style. It still kept with its ballad roots, but add a fun pop style into it and throw in a bit of rock influence. This is the type of song that you can't help but clap along and makes you dance. I really enjoy the chorus of the song where Eunji hits the high notes and puts a powerful kick to them. Also great high notes are added towards the end of the song. Plus Eunji wrote the lyrics! 

서울의 달 Full Moon:

My personal favorite song of the entire album. It's the sadder song of the album but gosh the lyrics get me so much. And guess what? Eunji wrote the lyrics! It's a song that's so powerful and showcases the powerful side of Eunji's vocals. It just puts me in such an emotional mood. I'm singing this song over and over, it's so good!

너란 봄 The Spring (Piano Version):

I like this song a lot, because it shows a different style from the original version. Like her previous album, Eunji threw in a piano version of the title track, which I love. Eunji's voice really matches with a piano, so this song is delightful. 

Music video review: 5/5 stars

I love the pastel colors of the mv and the storyline of the mv is adorable! The creativity is great and I loved Eunji's acting in it. Here's a time by time review of it!

0:30 - Ooh I already love this! Eunji as a taxi driver! Could you imagine opening the taxi door and Eunji was the driver? I would faint

0:41 - Awh look at Eunji looking at the kids with such a motherly smile. This just melted my heart.

0:49 - Eunji's smile saved the world.

0:59 - LITERALLY RELATABLE! Take your PDA somewhere else! Eunji's facial expression is hilarious af.

1:01 - Looks like Eunji was caught making fun of this couple and now she has to pretend she was disgusted by them. XD

1:12 - I love her outfit in this mv. It's so casual but cute.

1:23 - Guess the drink reminds Eunji of someone... hmm

1:36 - Awh now Eunji is laughing and talking to the elderly couple. She is an angel.

1:52 - OMG looks like the guy didn't get accepted for the job.

1:56 - Puppyface Eunji is killing me. 

2:01 - WAIT IS THAT A GAY COUPLE??? OMFG my poor gay heart. If it is, I'm so proud of Eunji. That really just made my day. Thank you Eunji for showing that love is love.

2:05 - awh look at Eunji smiling at that couple. I'm such a proud Pink Panda.

2:21 - Eunji is so gorgeous.

2:30 - Wait is this the guy that Eunji was thinking about!?

2:47 - I wonder what that letter has written in it. A break-up note, a love note? hmm


3:11 - And that's the drink that Eunji was drinking earlier!


3:41 - I guess it's the guy, if Eunji is grinning like that!

3:53 - That was such an adorable music video.

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What's your favorite song from Eunji's album "공간" (Space)?

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