We did it!! We reached our goal of 40M hearts before the come back broadcast!!! :) and we're still tapping hearts. Nearly 40.4M right now.

I am literally so excited for this comeback!!! These boys are so talented and deserving and we have to do our best for them!! Let's get them this first win!!! 2017 is their year!!

Also.....I officially became part of Monsta X's Fan Club! You had to have a Daum account in order to purchase the other and trying to navigate Daum when I can't read Korean.....let's just say it was very difficult!!!!

Finally I succeeded though and I'm so glad!!! Now, I need to set my alarm to go off in about 6 1/2 hours so I can be up by 5 AM to watch their MV! I'm 13 hours behind Korea lol

ย Monbebes, don't forget to use the two hashtags starting at 6PM KST and remember we're going for 3 Million views in 24 hours and 5 Million in 48!!!


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