Poster Tutorial

Ok, since I've been getting questions and stuff about the way I make poster, I figure I'll try explaining a little bit in here. A friend told me to post a new story for tutorial purpose but I'm lazy af so pls bear with this crappy tutorial ok. I'm working so hard to screenshot all of this so I hope this will help phew.



Final Result



This is the final result, the final poster, and something I'm working on. For those who are uncomfortable of seeing bxb poster, you may want to leave right now LMAO. No I'm serious, there's so much homo in this poster and you might not be able to handle it.

So, for fellow designer or those who pay attention on posters/graphics, you may notice that I never really use soft-blend in my poster (where you erase the background and reduce the opacity and combine everything together). I mostly use clean-cut pictures for my poster (where I cut and crop the character to separate it from the background).

So let's get going and see how I create this trash.



Used Resources



always use a lot of pictures when creating poster. I know my poster looks like I'm only using couple of pictures, but you'll find out what I'm doing with so many resources above. I use all the pictures above for this tutorial though so they're all useful. Don't underestimate the power of an image ok!

REMEMBER: ONLY USE HQ IMAGES or else you're going to piss yourself off in the middle of working, trust me.



The Start

First of all, you have to create a new file ofc or else where are you going to make the poster lmaooo. The size fully depends on the designer but I like to use that size 500 x 710 px.


Next, I put Tae's face to fill the entire poster bc he's so handsome. No, I put him like that bc that's how I want the poster to be.

That's what HQ image does to you, see how clear and sharp his face looks? All hail HQ images. 


So I'm just going to put Kookie right here HAHAHAHA damn he's covering Tae's handsome face oh well. BUT NO WORRIES! This is part of my brainstorming for the poster layout.


Next, we gotta use this eraser, the soft one!!! For what? For erasing some part of the pics so I can imagine how the final result is going to be!


Yeah, kind of like this. It's still so messy and all over the place, but this gives me a brief image of how the final result is going to be. I mean if you scroll up right now, you can see that the final result looks a little bit like this, right? 

No? Ok I'm sorry then, let's get going.



The Pen Tool

Before I proceed, I just want to tell you that if you want to do a clean-cut style like mine, you shall NEVER EVER USE MAGIC WAND, I REPEAT, YOU SHALL NEVER USE MAGIC WAND!!!!!

Fyi, I have degree in graphic design and my friend once used magic wand to cut her images back then in uni and the professor literally whacked her in the head. I'm currently a full-time graphic designer and NONE of the designer in my workplace uses magic wand for their works. So yeah, magic wand is bad bad bad. 

But no worries! There's something better than magic wand. Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine: Pen Tool!!!!!

"But Jia isn't pen tool is used for drawing?" OH WHO TOLD YOU THAT??? It's ok I can show you what this tool can do.

You can click somewhere and click at other point and drag and....I honestly don't know how to explain it with words, but if you have photoshop, you can try it yourself. It's hard to use at first, I admit, but once you get a hang of it, you're going to love this cute little tool. 


There you go, I create a path with the pen tool next to Tae's head. Now let's move on to the magic. 



Right-click on your mouse and choose "Make Selection". Another window will pop out which contains Feather Radius and stuff. Leave the setting like that and click OK!!!


You see that?? See that dashed line??? YES MY FRIEND that is what you get when you click the magic wand. BUt look at that neat selection ooo I'm in love.


So all you need to do is hit delete/backspace button (depeding on your keyboard) and TA-DA, Tae is clean!! FYI, I left the hair like that because I have another way of cleaning the hair area. Using pen tool is incredibly hard and it doesn't give the natural cutting of hair strands and I hate that!!!


"But Jia, pen tool is so much work to do and it takes so much timeeee. Magic wand is better!"

Ok, wish you luck with this then <3



The Damned Hair


Ok, I need to say something here. I have a pen tablet at home and I usually make my poster with it since it saves so much time and I'm used to hold a pen instead of mouse. But I know that most of ppl here don't have pen tablet, so I'm creating this poster 100% by mouse.  

Now back to that damned hair.

Ok, we need eraser to erase the background obviously, but did you know that there are so many type of brushes if you scroll down??? Now you know! Just scroll a little bit and choose that brush. It's called Spatter 59 pixels


Now let's drag the eraser across Tae's handsome face for a test. Uh oh uh, you see that texture? Doesn't it remind you of something? Yep, you got it, hair texture.


Now you just need to drag your mouse/finger in rubbing motion. Yep, move it back and forth to create the jagged texture like above. I needs a lot of patience I know, but you can never rush perfection? :)


Whoops I forgot to clean the background from Tae's lollipop. Remember the previous lesson and use pen tool to make selection before erasing it!!!




Now don't be lazy and do the same to Jungkook ok. I'm watching u <><>



The Blending Stuff


Ok so I have the two pictures ready for the background. Yes, I use two pictures for the background. Remember my previous lesson of using eraser to make them seem blended. I have them on invisible mode all the time, let's try to make it visible and see what happens after we got Jungkook and Tae clean.




OK so from this point onwards, this tutorial will go along my preferences. Some designer like to use bright and strong colors with high contrast, but me, I go for the soft and texturized one with lighter colors. If you're more into the strong colors, then you may not want to know about this. 




You're still here? Ok then, let's get going, I'm getting tired of typing so u better keep up with me. 

Make a new layer above Tae and fill it with white color (use paint bucket or anything idc)


Right-click on the layer and chooses Create Clipping Mask, or press Ctrl+Alt+G (Windows) / Command+Option+G (Mac)


Now go to the layer mode and choose screen. There are a lot of other options and you may want to try playing around. It's fun!


Now lower the opacity to 20ish bc we don't want Tae to get too pale ok.


YAY WE GOT SOFT TAE NOW. But ugh, Jungkook still looks so contrast compared to him.



No problem, we can make Jungkook soft too :))))))) look how soft they are unffff i love soft colors



I kinda lower the opacity of the background because I find the contrast of the pink and green color is too strong. So yeah you only get a hint of green right there but it's ok I like it that way, don't know about you though.



The Texture and Effect


OK NOW IS THE MOST FUN PART ARE YOU READY??? Before we proceed, you might want to scroll up to see the resources I used so you can recognize some of the images that I used below lmao.


PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY AT the position of the layer, the mode and the opacity.






Um, this makes my poster looks more rubbish than it already is. BUT REMEMBER MY PREVIOUS LESSON ABOUT ERASER!!! Yes, you can erase some part that you don't want the texture to be (preferably their faces I mean who wants to see a crinckled face?)


Now that you've erased some, you got the paper texture at the corner of the poster!!! Man my artistic skill is such A+++++



The Final Touch

You might want to skip this idk. This is more like me editing the picture accorning to my preference like the colors and stuff, not really important unless you have the exact same preference as me lmao.


This is what I'm messing with when I'm giving the final touch. There are a lot of fun options that you might want to try. I usually use everything from Brightness/Contrast to Photo Filter yay




Yep, told you there won't be much difference let's play spot the difference now. You can see that Jungkook gets brighter and Tae gets darker LMAOOO like I said I'm just adjusting a little bit.


Now, you just have to put the title of your fic! You can mess with the font and everything because honestly, the font of your title depends on your genre of the story and your poster hahahah yes pls love me!!!!!!



"But Jia, where can I get photoshop software??" Idk where can u get one? Can you ask google? I'm not google

"But Jia, I don't understand anything in photoshop." Look, think of this tutorial as trigonometry subject in your math so in order to understand this, you have to learn the basic of numbers. I'm sorry I can't teach you from the basic. In all honesty though, I learn photoshop by myself when I was 13 years old which is like 9 years ago 

"But Jia, your posters ain't even that good." Yea ikr, I can't believe ppl would say they're good

"But Jia, how long did it take you to make this?" Around 30 minutes, given that I'm a graphic designer and I do this kind of stuff for living. It's not about talent, it's about how often you practice :)


Thanks for reading this all, I hope this helps! I'm not a good teacher but you can ask me if you have any question yeah :')


The End


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